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  2. 1. What are the differences between true stress, engineering stress, proof stress. 2. What do you men by factor of safety and what is its significance 3. What do you mean by Young’s modulus, modulus of rigidity and bulk modulus. 4. What do you mean by resilience. 5. What is pure torsion and what do you mean by flexural igidity. 6. What is the difference between endurance limit stree and endurance strength. 7. What do you understand by efficiency of riveted joint. 8. What is caulking and fullering in riveted joint. 9. What do you mean by stress conc. Factor and what are the methods to reduce stress conc. 10. Why stress conc. Is more serious in brittle materials. 11. What do you mean by fatigue . 12. Springs are subjected to which type of streses. 13. What are the difference between through bolt, tap bolt and stud. 14. What is check nut and what is the function of washer. 15. Cotter and knuckle joints take which type of load and where they are used. 16. What are the difference types of couplings and what is their function. 17. What is the function of key and which type of stress they are subjected to? 18. Generally shafts are subjected to which type of stress. 19. What are the difference types of mechanical drives and which is the best for different situations. 20. What is the function of a bush why it is phosphor bronze. 21. What are difference types of threads and which threads are used for power transmission and why. 22. Why the pulley arms are elliptical in cross section and it is made up of cast iron. 23. Why it is required to change the all V belt if one of them is broken. 24. Why V belts transmit more power than flat belts. 25. What is the meaning of 6*37 or 6*7 in a rope drive. 26. What do you mean by pinion sprocket and wheel sprocket and which one is used for driving shaft. 27. What is the function of flywheel and why its material is cast iron. 28. Why the leaf springs are laminated as reducing length. 29. What is the function of clutch and is the difference between uniform wear and uniform pressure. 30. Now a days which type of clutches are used in automobiles. 31. Why disc brake is more efficient than mechanical brake. 32. What is the function of bearings and what are the different types. 33. What is bearing characteristics number and bearing modulus. 34. What is the significance of the digits of a rolling contact bearing number 6304? 35. Which type of gear drive is used for perpendicular transmission of power? 36. Why helical gears transmit more power than spur gears. 37. What do you mean by different terms like back lash, pressure angle, circular pitch in a gear drive. 38. Why involute tooth profile is better than cycloid tooth profile? 39. What is interference in gear drive and how to avoid it? 40. What do you mean by law of gearing
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    it enhances my knowledge and give me important details of mechanical stream
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  6. Since he says one of the coupling is rigid and other flexible, the amount of free space for the coupling to slide over is less. one solution is to pull both the couplings forward by 7 mm and assemble. It should not be a problem as they will have factor of safety more than 2.
  7. Can u use a standard slip gauge set with feeler gauge at 3 - 4 points.
  8. Shaft is the machine component which delivers the kinematic and dynamic motive aspects to the final driveline of the vehicle. It establishes a rigid connection between driver and driven mechanisms. Axle completes all the formalities to bring out a mechanical body into motion, it only follows the powertrain.Axle is only transfer motion from powetrain to wheels
  9. L*0.5+0.6*2.5=(L+0.6)*1 0.5L=0.9 => L=1.8m
  10. He's asking the equivalent spring constant instead of two springs shown in first figure
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  12. any help guys :/ A wooden cylinder 60 cm in diameter, 0.5, has a concrete cylinder 60 cm long of the same diameter 2.5, attached to one end. Determine the length of the wooden cylinder for the system to float in stable equilibrium with its axis vertical.
  13. I love this website!!!!

  14. Part time B.E ,because amie approval is pending in Delhi high court and judgement postponed to April 2017
  15. I am in a dilemma to choose It or mechanical engineering can any suggest me

  16. Drafting is the tail end of design. When done correctly, it is the 2D or 3D method of communicating the design so that when manufacturing/quality control/purchasing look at the drawing/model, they say "yeah we got this".
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  18. Over Engineered or Over Designed?

    I recall many years ago first hearing the term Over Engineered. It rang a sour note but I had not given it much thought. I still hear this said today about older equipment. For instance the DC Generators at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY have been in operation for over 100 years. I had the opportunity a few years ago to visit my alma mater. To my surprise and delight the Chief Engineer who provided the tour of the facility to my class in about 1977 was still on the job as was the equipment. But I digress. Over Engineered is often brought up when speaking about 1950’s vintage American automobiles. “They don’t build them like that anymore”. They don’t build them like that anymore because they don’t design like they use to. When I worked in the auto industry in the late 70’s and early 80’s engineering was in good part “seat of the pants” designing. A lot less analysis than one would expect. Two-D CAD was just getting introduced. There was extensive testing before production. What a lack of analysis left unknown, testing –often brutal testing- would reveal. If a component broke it was made stronger by adding more material or eliminating tight radii or other stress concentration features. Whether the rest of the system was just good enough or 10 times stronger than needed was an unknown. Over time components that never failed were targets for cost reduction. This also was not as analytical as it is likely today. Getting back to the subject of this blog, I would offer that the "weaker" a device is, the more it was engineered. Weaker, because it is designed closer to the expected loads. This of course is aside from shoddy design work. For greater strength the addition of material will usually achieve this. For an item like the generators at Pratt added weight can also help with vibration. The penalties are the onetime cost of added material and greater shipment weight. Adding more material globally to a system such as a rocket, aircraft and to today’s automobile is forbidden. This requires much move engineering. I hope I have provided a better understanding of the term Over Engineered and realize it is really a misleading expression. Equipment back then was Over Designed because the factors of ignorance were much greater just a few decades ago.
  19. Can you explain the symbol for first and third angle projection?
  20. Hello everyone! Please help me to align parallelism between motor's coupling surface and roll's coupling surface. The dimension between 2 surface can't measured by dial gauge. So, anyone else have another method to align this surface, please tell me know. Thanks you.
  21. Hello, my name is Jason Saunders and I am currently a student in community college working towards my associates degree in mechanical engineering. One of my classes this semester requires a research paper and part of the grade is based around conducting an interview with a professional in the field. My question is basically what would be the best method to approach a professional for this interview? I would prefer to correspond through email and though the interview is a short list of questions, there are details that most would probably not want to share on a public internet forum. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  22. I need gerbox fuller how to build 


  23. Super knowledge about application of gears
  24. portuguese people?

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      Sunday Owen Udoukpong

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