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  • Surbhi Sejra

    Manually operated paper- recycling machine
    A manually operated paper-recycling machine was designed and fabricated. This was done to enable waste paper conversion into useful product. The fabricated plant consists of six major component units that include the disc refiner, the hydropulper, the head box, the felt conveyor, the driers and the rollers.
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  • Vardhan Rane

    Can anyone tell me why flagpoles are tapered at their apex? 
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  • Amzng Tammy

    Hiii....i am mechanical engineering final year student seeking ideas for project making.....could you suggest me.some ideas...
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  • Hari Krishna Guptha Devarapalli

    Pls give me a project ideas which is new one 
    Send me
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  • rapgabshunricks

    Hi! I'm Raphael, a newbie here from philippines, and still a student. I just want to join the forum to widen my knowledge and ideas about my course , mech. eng'ring. Have a nice day!
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  • 0001_3.jpg
    By ARDL Enclosure

    19" 5U Subrack CAD drawing, international standard, enclosure suitable for solar energy & backup power solution...

  • 0001_32.jpg
    By ARDL Enclosure

    Extrusion Profile Drawing, to be use for solar charge controllers, inverters, power supply, DC to DC & any custom enclosure for electronic circuitry...

  • internal-combustion-engine
    By Business Media

    Some description of this presentation is wrong, guys!

  • 3 4 H P Gasoline Engine 154
    By DrD

    These are definitely some interesting engine pictures. It does seem a bit confusing, however, to see gas turbines, Wankels, and steam engines mixed in randomly with conventional reciprocating IC engines.

    One other comment seems worth mentioning. In those animations that show valve action in a conventional reciprocating engine, the lifts shown are absurdly high. This is probably done for visual effect, but it far exceeds reality and thus misleads the viewer as to the true shape of an IC engine cam.

  • Engine Design Wallpaper
    By Mounika Lenka

    can i get a image like this for go kart vehicle with gear box