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    the 5 stock engine how dose works
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  • huge connecting Rod
    By DrD

    Do you mean like this?


    Wartsila-Sulzer RTA96-C turbocharged two-stroke diesel

    The internals of this engine are a bit different than most automotive engines.
    The top of the connecting rod is not attached directly to the piston. The top of the connecting rod attaches to a "crosshead" which rides in guide channels. A long piston rod then connects the crosshead to the piston.
    This is done so the sideways forces produced by the connecting rod are absorbed by the crosshead and not by the piston. Those sideways forces are what makes the cylinders in an auto engine get oval-shaped over time.


    Installing the "thin-shell" bearings. Crank & rod journals are 38" in diameter and 16" wide:

    The crank sitting in the block (also known as a "gondola-style" bedplate). This is a 10 cylinder version. Note the steps by each crank throw that lead down into the crankcase:















    A piston & piston rod assembly. The piston is at the top. The large square plate at the bottom is where the whole assembly attaches to the crosshead:















    Some pistons:




    And some piston rods:








    The "spikes" on the piston rods are hollow tubes that go into the holes you can see on the bottom of the pistons (left picture) and inject oil into the inside of the piston which keeps the top of the piston from overheating. Some high-performance auto engines have a similar feature where an oil squirter nozzle squirts oil onto the bottom of the piston.




    The cylinder deck (10 cylinder version). Cylinder liners are die-cast ductile cast iron. Look at the size of those head studs!: The first completed 12 cylinder engine:


  • huge connecting Rod
    By Tom Brandlein

    I do not know the answer to your question but I remember seeing a couple of years ago an email with pictures regarding the largest combustion engine ever built by I believe the Chinese or Japanese for a ship. 

  • IC engine Cam crank animation
    By prashantgear07

    is it made by pro/e software

  • huge connecting Rod
    By DrD

    Saurabh, what machine are these very large connecting rods intended for?

  • Part elastic coupling
    By Emma Zhang

    Do you need us to help with the machining? We would develop prototype strictly according to your mechanical drawings and then put it into mass production for you.

    Contact me:

    Skype: Emma_zye