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    From now ownwards I'll regularly check this website regularly...
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  • Ismaila Jobe

    h am new here i am ismaila jobe 18 years old boy living in west Africa in  small country called The Gambia..I am a high school student  in my final year..And my aim is to study mechinical engineering after high school,i would really love to be an engineer,but sometimes  i have doubts whether i would be able to be one some day cause to honest my mathematics is not very good am a bit weak in maths talkless am furthermathematics...So sometime it made me feel bad cause engineering is all about mathematics  and physics.So i. wonder whether i wuld be able to study mechinical engineering...Please  help me out with ideas
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  • lalit nirban

    i hv recently completed my diploma in designing......wht could be next for ammunation designing
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  • ranjit gaikwad

    Hi...i m new i want some guidance over final years project...i havent decide the topic yet please anybody help me for that...
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  • Shaleen Rawat

    How can a mechanical engineer get a job at Google?
    Google requires Mechanical Engineers(although very small).As a Mechanical Engineer you design and evaluate our data center systems, identifying product requirements and contributing to research and project planning. From the chip to chiller, you are responsible for designing and optimizing an architecture that will scale with Google's continued growth.

    Google is searching for mechanical/thermal/structural engineers with expertise in electronics packaging and data center design. The ideal candidate will assume responsibility for the definition, design, and analysis of multiple platforms ranging from the package level, to system level, and out into your data centers. You will satisfy all performance and reliability specifications, while optimizing for efficiency and flexibility.

    Participate in development efforts related to next generation compute, storage, networking, and data center architectures.
    Contribute to overall system architecture from “chip to chiller” with the ability to make interdisciplinary tradeoffs to optimize TCO of overall infrastructure.
    Ability to conceptualize, develop, and validate systems using thermal, structural, controls, and/or reliability expertise.
    Identify opportunities and match them to relevant technologies based on performance, cost, schedule, and risk assessment.

    Minimum Qualifications

    B.S. in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent practical experience.
    Experience with electronics packaging at any level.

    Preferred Qualifications

    M.S. or PhD in Mechanical Engineering.
    Five years experience in electronics packaging, related industry, or relevant academic experience.
    Fundamental knowledge of one or more of the following domains: heat transfer, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, structural mechanics, vibrations, acoustics, control theory, and reliability.
    Knowledge of cooling strategies used at the package, board, and system, and data center with successful application of advanced cooling technologies. (Experience with Flotherm and/or Icepak).
    Knowledge of material science and structural design. Experience in static and dynamic analysis and shock and vibe testing. (Pro/Mechanica and Ansys experience).
    Knowledge of classical feedback control theory, dynamic system identification and modeling, and sensor interfacing (Experience with MATLAB and Simulink). Knowledge of system level analysis based on reliability and availability targets. (Experience with Monte Carlo techniques and/or Reliasoft).

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  • ferrari engine
    By Roger A Bailey

    Hello Tandama,

    I believe this is an engine from a Ferrari F430 manufactured between 2005-2009. These are normally aspirated (non-turbocharged) fuel injected 90 degree V8 engines of 4.3 litre capacity fitted with flat plane crankshafts (180 degrees between crank throws). 

    I have had a great interest interest in Ferrari cars since I was a little boy and in my study I have many books dedicated to the marque. My own personal car is a 1998 Ferrari 550 Maranello V12 which I have owned since 2010. I hope this answers your question. 


  • ferrari engine
    By Tandama

    What type of engine is this? Is it a turbo engine, V6,V8, or V12.

    Please we need a detail explanation. 

  • Car engine pic3
    By Tandama

    I wish there is detail explanations on the engine parts.