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  7. Hello, How to calculate design bolt load for weld neck flange? Is this load equal to internal force in pipe divided by amount of bolts? Best regards, Sergey Dukman
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  9. Liquid diesel does not ignite, because it is a heavier hydrocarbon. The fumes of diesel tho do. Becaue it is heavier, u input energy from the stroke in compression resulting in a slower longer lasting burn. But pound for pound petrol has more energy per unit volume than diesel. Its why its used for race engines predominantly. But the whole point is the compression. Compressing both in a piston, petrol will ignite before diesel its why sparkplugs are used in petrol and not in diesel.Everything that leads up to that compression and resulting function of engine is why its more efficient. Longer strokes, less rpm . Hence the torque generated which is why diesel engines do a lot of work in industry and petrol is just for revving high to achieve bhp.
  10. I have deigned a sensor to detect the movement & speed of bevel gear teeth. Basically I have copper wire wound around a cylindrical magnet in order to generate an AC current (sin wave) which goes to an amplifier circuit. The operating temperature is 100 degrees C to about 200 degrees C. What is the best magnetic material to use in this case? Neodymium iron boron or samarium cobalt
  11. This is wrong. A diesel engine utilizes the diesel cycle, whereas a petrol engine utilizes the otto cycle. The main difference between these two cycles, which are both non-ideal versions of the Carnot cycle, is their method of ignition. In the otto cycle, the combustion process is catalyzed by a spark. In the diesel cycle, the combustion process instantaneously begins when the air-fuel mixture temperature reaches the ignition temperature of the diesel fuel. A petrol engine cannot have a compression ratio as a large as a diesel engine. This is because it begins the combustion process pressure by sparking the petrol-air mixture to initiate ignition, rather than building up more pressure until ignition is initiated by reaching the ignition temperature of the petrol fuel. Thermal efficiency, which is a function of an engine's compression ratio, increases as the compression ratio increases. Though, when operating with the same compression ratio, a petrol engine is more efficient than a diesel engine, a diesel engine can have a higher efficiency than a petrol engine because it can utilize a much higher compression ratio that a petrol engine cannot possibly achieve. This is why, generally, diesel engines are more efficient than petrol engines.
  14. Following are the reasonable points that conclude the high torque and efficiency of diesel engine. Diesel engine uses simple mechanism for combustion unlike in gasoline engine. Removal of ignition system not only makes the mechanism simpler but also reduces the risk of improper combustion due to damage in ignition system. In short burning of the fuel is easy and always accessible. This results in higher efficiency diesel engine. Diesel fuel is a heavier hydrocarbon in which carbon and hydrogen are strongly bonded with each other. And when energy is supplied in form of heat it gets explode releasing much higher energy then gasoline. In short diesel fuel has higher energy density then gasoline which results in huge explosion. One more factor for higher efficiency in diesel engine is its property of lubrication. Although all fuel has property of lubrication but diesel fuel has much higher lubrication then gasoline fuel. The compression ratio is much higher in diesel as compared to gasoline because in diesel engine air is alone compressed inside the cylinder and it’s a known fact that gas easily compresses then liquid. This is not so in gasoline engine because air-fuel mixture is compressed inside the cylinder. This higher compression gives higher heat and simultaneously higher torque. We can’t use Carnot cycle to get 100% efficiency but can use its principle to attain maximize efficiency. In diesel engine heat is added at constant pressure which results in higher utilization of heat energy to get maximize work output. These were the advantageous features of diesel engine but it has some demerits as well like it releases highly toxic gases, noisy, higher maintenance cost and starting problem (now starting problem is eliminated by using a bulb nearby to the cylinder) to heat the engine before ignition. And it is costlierthan gasoline engine but with optimum operation and good maintenance resolve all these problems.
  15. You know that diesel engine is the most appropriate choice of the engineers when it comes to drive heavy automobile like trucks, aircraft, ships etc. But what makes it so torque, is it the engine design, working cycle or something else. Please share your deep analysis to answer this questions
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  17. Hi a mechanical engineering student..can someone help me in my report... i just want to ask .. why does dual cycle have 2 heat added? how does that happen in actual process in an engine? hoping for ur response..Thank you guys!
  18. این روش جوشکاری به این صورت است که دو مقطع که در اینجا لوله با ضخامت زیاد یا ضخامت کم در نظر گرفته شده داخل قالب مخصوص به یکدیگر نزدیک و سپس فشرده میشوند،بعدفلزگرم یا ترمیت دور درز جوش احاطه میشود ونهایتا روی آن پودر ترمیت گرم ریخته شده تا از اکسیداسیون جلوگیری و سرد شود.
  19. Depends on whether the forces are axial or have angular components.
  20. I like so mach for your interest on our filed of mechanical .... I think and want to learn more and more from you sir.... Thq honorable you
  21. Thermodynamics is branch of science that deals with the system in equilibrium states only,ie how much heat is transfered from one equilibrium state to another equilibrium state but heat trasfer tells us the rate with which heat is transfered,either in equilibrium or not.So this the reason unit of heat in thermo is joule but in heat transfer it is watt(j/s) Here is the basic difference.
  22. Find the following forces using the method of joints and method of sections. FB, FD, GE, GC, AC og CE
  23. Does above figure indicates that disc break feels eccentric axial compressive force,ie parallel to longitudnal axis and drum break feels compressive force,ie along longitudnal axis? What is principle?
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  25. This link will be helpful for the following question
  26. Name:Kunal Mishra Engineering College: Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology Location: New Delhi,India Engineering Batch:2016-2020 Dream Company : Tesla Motor/Ferrari/Lambhorghini/ Rolls Royce Area of interest : engine design /autocad/Solid works
  27. Mechanical vibration is defined as the measurement of a periodic process of oscillations with respect to an equilibrium point. This book should provide essential concepts involving vibrational analysis, uncertainty modeling, and vibration control. It should also give a good fundamental basis in computational results, mathematical modeling and assessment in performance of different systems and system components. Attention will be paid to vibrating systems such as beams, strings, plates and membranes, vibration isolation, critical speeds, the balancing of rotating and reciprocating machinery. Basic principles of control theory will be presented from feedback control systems.
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