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    Why are the perpetual machines not possible??????????


     Do you guys know that idea of  strut came from nature itself. Birds have a bone called furcula somewhere around their neck which act as a strurt between their shoulder and neck isn't it amazing.



    Now lets come to business and talk about MacPherson strut. This strut is very common in use because of the cost factor as we all know cost determine any thing. It is employed in a wide range of car right from simple cars to Porsche 911 Turbo. This strut also comes handy because of the fact that it eliminates the upper control arm and ball joints. 


    It comprises of a simple damper and spring combo thats the strut which is directly connected to the body of the car hence eliminating the upper control arm. A steering link is provided in the lower outer portion of the strut. By using this there is a very large space is left so that the axle can be easily inserted into the tire so you see its great for a front wheel drive.


    There is another version of MacPherson strut available called Pseudo MacPherson strut which uses a wishbone instead of a lower control arm.


    It has certain advantages like it is really cheap and efficiently simple in design yet meeting up with almost all the good suspension requirements. Its great for front wheel drive as it gives a large space for the drive shaft to be inserted into the wheel hub. Its light and narrow. It gives large engine room and bay room.


    If anything has pros it must have cons, its the law of nature and MacPherson strut has also some disadvantages. It is taller so it requires some vertical space. It also lacks camber gain with body roll but it can be compensated by setting the static camber excessive. And it has to be a unibody to handle the stress and the forces. Another drawback is that it transmit noises directly to the car body.






    This is all about MacPherson strut. Hope you guys have enjoyed reading it. Feel free to comment.



    Mechanics Corner
        A Journal of Applied Mechanics and Mathematics by DrD, # 14
        © Machinery Dynamics Research, LLC, 2015

    SDOF Vibrations -- Part I
    Undamped System With
    Non-Resonant Conditions



        The undamped single degree of freedom oscillator is a suitable model for countless physical systems. It might represent a wheel on a vehicle (without shock absorbers), a machine on an elastic foundation, a sensitive instrument mounted on a shaky support, or any number of other possible real situations. A simple schematic diagram for such a system is shown in Figure 1 below.
        [Figure 1  Undamped SDOF Oscillator with Base Excitation.]

        The impressed support motion is s(t) and the response of the mass is measured by x(t). As shown in the upper figure, s(0)=0, x(0)=0, and there is no strain in the spring.

    SDOF Vibs1.pdf

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    Formula SAE or Formula Student is a student design competition organized by SAE International (SAE, previously known as the Society of Automotive Engineers) or some times by affiliated society of SAE International. The rules are more or less same in all the events. The competition was started in 1978 and was originally called SAE Mini Indy.The concept behind Formula SAE is that a fictional manufacturing company has contracted a student design team to develop a small Formula-style race car. The prototype race car is to be evaluated for its potential as a production item......

    for more visit

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    Is there any process to make bevel gear by horizontal milling machine by use of involute gear cutter. I know for this process there are not such finishing as cutting by formed gear cutter but I want to do maximum possible machining by involute gear cutter. What is the setup required of dividing head spindle and any other for tapering tooth space?


    Rotary-Turbo-InFlow Tech

    Atypical InFlow Thermodynamic

    Technology Proposal Submission

    Novel Fueled Motor Engine Type

    Gearturbine Imagens Gallery at Behance:

    *State of the art Innovative concept Top system Higher efficient percent.*Power by bar, for Air-Planes, Sea-Boats, Land-Transport & Dynamic Power-Plant Generation.

    -Have similar system of the Aeolipile Heron Steam device from Alexandria 10-70 AD. -New Form-Function Motor-Engine Device. Next Step, Epic Design Change, Broken-Seal Revelation. -Desirable Power-Plant Innovation.

    YouTube; * Atypical New • GEARTURBINE / Retrodynamic = DextroRPM VS LevoInFlow + Ying Yang Thrust Way Type - Non Waste Looses

    -This innovative concept consists of hull and core where are held all 8 Steps of the work-flow which make the concept functional. The core has several gears and turbines which are responsible for these 8 steps (5 of them are dedicated to the turbo stages). The first step is fuel compression, followed by 2 cold turbo levels. The fourth step is where the fuel starts burning – combustion stage, which creates thrust for the next, 5th step – thrust step, which provides power to the planetary gears and turbines and moves the system. This step is followed by two hot turbo steps and the circle is enclosed by the final 8th step – bigger turbine. All this motion in a retrodynamic circumstance effect, wich is plus higher RPM speed by self motion. The Reaction at front of the action.

    *8-X/Y Thermodynamic CYCLE - Way Steps:

    1)1-Compression / bigger

    2)2-Turbo 1 cold

    3)2-Turbo 2 cold

    4)2-Combustion - circular motion flames / opposites

    5)2-Thrust - single turbo & planetary gears / ying yang

    6)2-Turbo 2 hot

    7)2-Turbo 1 hot

    8)1-Turbine / bigger

    -With Retrodynamic Dextrogiro vs Levogiro Phenomenon Effect. / Rotor-RPM VS InFlow / front to front; "Collision-Interaction Type" - inflow vs blades-gear-move. Technical unique dynamic innovative motion mode. [Retrodynamic Reaction = When the inflow have more velocity the rotor have more RPM Acceleration, with high (XY Position) Momentum] Which the internal flow (and rotor) duplicate its speed, when activated being in a rotor (and inflow) with [inverse] opposite Turns. The Reaction at front of the action. A very strong Novel torque power concept.

    -Non waste parasitic looses for; friction, cooling, lubrication & combustion.

    -Shape-Mass + Rotary-Motion = Inertia-Dynamic / Form-Function Wide [Flat] Cylindrical shape + positive dynamic rotary mass = continue Inertia positive tendency motion. Kinetic Rotating Mass. Tendency of matter to continue to move. Like a Free-Wheel.

    -Combustion 2Two continue circular [Rockets] flames. [ying yang] opposite one to the other. – With 2TWO very long distance INFLOW [inside propulsion] CONDUITS. -4 TURBOS Rotary Total Thrust-Power Regeneration Power System. -Mechanical direct 2two [small] Planetary Gears at polar position. -Like the Ying Yang Symbol/Concept.

    -The Mechanical Gear Power Thrust Point Wide out the Rotor circumference were have much more lever [HIGH Torque] POWER THRUST. -No blade erosion by sand & very low heat target signature profile. -3 points of power thrust; 1-flow way, 2-gear, 3-turbine. *Patent; Dic. 1991 IMPI Mexico #197187 All Rights Reserved. Carlos Barrera.


    ·2-Imploturbocompressor; One Moving Part System Excellence Design - The InFlow Interaction comes from Macro-Flow and goes to Micro-Flow by Implossion - Only One Compression Step; Inflow, Compression and outflow at one simple circular dynamic motion Concept.

    Imploturbocompressor Imagens Gallery at Behance:

    *·“Excellence in Design" because is only one moving part. Only one unique compression step. Inflow and out flow at the same one system, This invention by its nature a logic and simple conception in the dynamics flow mechanics area. The invention is a wing made of one piece in a rotating motion, contained in a pair cavity system connected by implocavity, and interacting dynamically with a flow, that passes internally "Imploded" through its simple mechanism. This flow can be gas (air) or liquid (water). And have two different applications, in two different form-function; this one can be received (using the dynamic flow passage, as a receiver). Or it can be generated (with a power plant, generating a propulsion).

    An example cut be, as a Bike needs a chain to work from motor to wheel. And for the Imploturbocompressor application, cut be as; in a circumstance at the engine, as an A-activate flow, and with a a tube flow conduit going to the wheel as a B-receiving-flow the work use.

    To see a Imploturbocompressor animation, is posible on a simple way, just to check the Hurricane Satellite view, and is the same implo inflow way nature.

    And when the flow that is received and that is intended to be used at best, must no necessarily by a exhausting or rejection gas, but must be a dynamic passing gas or liquid flow with the only intention to count it or to measure it. This could be possible at the passing and interacting period when it passes inside its simple mechanism. This can be in any point of the work flow trajectory.

    In case the flow that is received is a water falling by gravity, and a dynamo is placed on the rotary bar, the Imploturbocompressor can profit an be obtained by generating? electricity such as obtained by the pelton well, like I say before. The "Imploturbocompressor", is a good option to pump water, or a gas flow, and all kinds of pipes lines dynamic moves.

    Or only receive the air-liquid flow, in order to measure its passage with a counter placed on the bar, because when this flow passes through the simple mechanism of a rotating wing made of only one piece it interacts within the implocavities system. And this flow can be air wind, with the difference of can have an horizontal work position, and that particle technical circumstances make an easy way for urban building work new use application, and have wind flow from all the sides 180 grades view. The aforementioned information about this invention refers to technical applications, such as a dynamic flow receiver. (whether being gas or liquid).

    With the appropriate power plant and the appropriate dimensioning and number of RPM this invention is also feasible to generate an atmospheric air propulsion and the auto-propulsion of an aircraft. Being an effective and very simple system that implodes and compresses the atmospheric air permits the creation of a new concept of propulsion for aircrafts, due to its simple mechanism and innovative nature. At the place of the aircraft were the system appears and the manner how the propulsion direction can be oriented with a vectorial flow (no lobster tail) with I call "yo-yo system" (middle cut (at the shell) to move, one side loose), guided and balanced is feasible to create a new concept of TOVL-vertical take-off landing, Because the exhaust propulsion can going out radial in all the 360 vectorial positions, going out direct all the time in all the vectors direction. With his rotor cover for an better furtive fly, like going down of a bridge for example.

    Likewise, with the due form and dimensioning, and considering the liquid density and the due revolutions for this element there could be generated a propulsion (water) in order to move an aquatic ship, whether on surface or under water. Also can be a good option to pump liquid combustion for a rocket propulsion.

    Making a metaphoric comparison with the intention to expose it more clearly for a better comprehension of this innovative technical detail, it would be similar to the trajectory and motion of a dynamic flow compared with a rope (extended) that passes through the system would have now a knot (without obstructing the flow), so the complete way of the flow at the imploturbocompresor system have three direct ways and between make two different turns; direct way (entrance) - turn - direct way (implocavity) - turn - direct way (exit), all this in a 1 simple circular move system concept.

    Its prudent to mention that the curves and the inclinations of the blades of a rotating wing made of this invention, is conferred by its shape and function a structural rigidity allowing it to conduct and alter appropriately the dynamic flow passing through its system.8364


    Source: State of the Art - Novel InFlow Tech - Featured Project Development; 1-Gearturbine, 2-Imploturbocompressor

  4. In today’s world, organizations must keep pace with ever increasing changes. The complexity of the business requires numerous functions in order to be competitive. A brief description of common business functional responsibilities include the following:

    Human Resources

    The human resources (HR) department is responsible for an analysis of the needs and training of the workforce, employee turnover analysis, absenteeism analysis, and attitude surveys. In addition, the HR department may recruit, select, and hire people for the organization.


    As a support service, production engineering is the problem solving arm of the company. The engineering department should be proactive (always searching) in their problem solving activities. The planning of new equipment or processes is a must for this department.

    Sales and Marketing

    It is up to sales and marketing to develop effective plans to identify customers and markets for the company’s current products and services, and to identify wants and needs for new products. They should work with engineering in order to pass along customer ideas or desires. The development of a marketing plan helps guide the production plan.


    The financial department, in many plants, includes the accounting department. The accounting function compiles monthly statements and the profit or loss statements for the company. A standard cost system should be in place so that data can be collected and based against it. Budget forecasts, capital project requests, and external funding can also be coordinated by the finance department.

    Product Liability

    In the manufacture of certain products, there are numerous legal ramifications. The theories based upon breach of warranty have a statutory basis in the Uniform Commercial Code. Product safety requirements and labeling laws not only protect the consumer, but also should reduce the liability risk to the company.


    The manufacturing activity is associated with companies manufacturing a product or products. Manufacturing takes designs from engineering, schedules from planning and assembles, and tests the company products. For a service organization, this function is replaced by the personnel performing the service.

    Safety and Health

    The safety and health department aids the company in complying with local, state, federal, and industry regulations. The best known safety agencies include OSHA, state safety agencies, NFPA, etc. These agencies impact the establishment of a safety program, safety committee, and special safety task forces for the company.

    Legal and Regulatory

    A legal department (or attorneys on retainer) may be necessary to handle legal matters, especially in the very litigious society of today. A review of purchase agreements, land contracts, leases, right-of-ways, tax abatements, economic impact grants, etc. are examples.

    Research and Development (R&D)

    Research and development activities are critical for the future of the company. The customer is satisfied for a certain time span with the existing product or service, but eventually the customer will want a new and improved product. lnteraction with the marketing function and customer is needed to generate new ideas and products.

    Click here to read more

  5. blog-0412306001424011029.jpg

    According to Wikipedia, "Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field of engineering that includes a combination of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, telecommunications engineering, control engineering and computer engineering."


    When beginning with a simple mechatronics system, the following three steps are to be followed:

    1. Designing of a simple system

    2. Setup of the designed system.

    3. Implementation of the mechatronic system


    Mechatronics system design:

    It includes an integrated and optimal design of a physical system, including:

    1. Sensors

    2. Actuators

    3. Electronic components

    4. Embedded digital control system

    Initial conceptual design phase:

    When designing a mechatronics system, it is necessary to consider the following points for building the concept and basis of your design:

    1. Which problem has to be solved mechanically?

    2. Which problem has to be solved electronically?

    3. Decisions about dominant mechanical properties.

    4. Yielding a simple model that can be used for controller design.

    5. Rough idea about sensors, actuators and interface.

    A basic mechatronic system is made up of following components:

    1. Sensing Unit:

    This includes the sensors, filters, amplifiers, modulators, signal conditioners, etc.

    2. Controller:

    This part mainly senses, makes decisions and gives output commands. An accurately designed controller results in a cheaper mechatronics system.

    3. Actuating unit:

    They include actuators like solenoid valves.


    It is worth keeping in mind a good mechatronics system has a real system approach, in which, no after thoughts or add-ons are allowed. The mechanical part is mainly used for giving motions whereas the electronics part is used for intelligence, i.e, information processing. A badly designed physical system and a sophisticated controller, may result in bad performance of the overall system.


    Some examples of mechatronics system is:

    1. Automatic Water Valve Controller

    2. Automatic Coffee Dispenser

    3. Robots

    4. Remote controlled Aircraft

    and many more.....

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    why pressure cooker cooks fast?

    The pressure of steam increases water temperature, when temperature of water is higher than its boiling point (100oC), it can help to cook faster.

    pressure inside pressure cooker is directly proportional to water temperature

    P ∝ T , as P increases T increases.

    Average pressure inside a household pressure cooker can be 15 pounds per square inch.

    Average Temperature inside will be 121oC (250oF).

    1 pound per square inch = 0.0689475729 bar

    15 pounds per square inch = 1.03421 bar

    How a pressure cooker works?

    By steam + Pressure.

    normal boiling point of water =100oC = 373k

    In pressure cooker,

    1. The water is filled less than 2-3rd of the container's capacity.

    2. Subjected to heat.

    3. Steam is produced.

    4. Enough pressure shuts safety spring loaded valve.

    5. Pressure increases and acts on ingredients inside.

    6. Pressure acts uniformly.

    7. Temperature of water raises above 110-120oC

    8. Increase in Temperature = Decrease in Cooking Time.

    9. When pressure is high, weight is lifted.

    10. Steam is sent out.

    11. Food is cooked in less time.


    1679, the pressure cooker was created by Denis Papin, French Physicist and Mathematician.

    1680, He made safety valve.

  6. Is there any process to make bevel gear by horizontal milling mc to use of involute gear cutter. I know for this process there are not such finishing as formed gear cutter but I want to try maximum possible machining by involute gear cutter. What is the setup of dividing head spindle any other small setup is required for tapering tooth space?

  7. Why the gas cylinders and the deo botteles are cooler than the normal room temp?

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    Hi all ...I am looking to make a wind turbine ..This is a model of a blade pitching mechanism ...can anyone suggest how to design it ??

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    Good Day, Everyone...

    I would like to emphasize the importance of sketching your ideas. Sketches go along way in helping you pass your thoughts onto others. It does help you organize your thinking, and capture thoughts for review at a later date. Sometimes the incubation drives your design sketch in other directions.

    See attached for some more guidance.

    The Importance of sketching out your ideas.pdf


  8. blog-0656814001422714208.jpg

    how would to design a film fill media for a cooling tower whose following data is known uptil this moment:

    1. inlet and outlet temperatures.

    2. dry and wet bulb temperatures of area of operation.

    3. mass flow rates of air and water.

    P.S cooling tower is cross flow mechanical induced CT.

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    The robot is designed to have six degrees of freedom movement. These robots find application in manufacturing, material handling, palletizing sectors of the industry. In industries, where corrosive or biohazard materials are to handled, direct human interface is not advisable. These robots can resolve such problems. The size and capacity of the robot can be increased as per the need. Force sensors (load cells) are attached at the end effectors of the robotic arm to handle sensitive objects

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    guys, I am doing analysis on a cantilever rod (containing point load). The point load varies with time.

    ie, the load is applied for about 60 seconds. And then no load is applied for about 3 minutes. This cycle continues. I have to do the fatigue analysis and harmonic analysis in ANSYS. How do i do it?

    What will be the frequency range to do harmonic analysis for the above data.

  9. Hello Engineers,

    I have Planned to refresh your knowledge in selection of the commercial parts,

    Like Bearings, Ball screws, Linear Guides, servo motor, ac Motors. Hydraulic and pneumatic_ All file I will be uploaded is my personal notes,

    time to time I will upload files to avoide your confusion

    Today I would like to add file for bearing selection which is simple things some parts is written in marathi.

    you may add me in your linked to get recent updated files or may get my hepl directly into your mail box

    please feel free to caoncat me for design calculation and selection process.

  10. 10 Self Improvement Activities

    These self improvement activities will help you become more productive, get into the positive state of mind and achieve better quality of life.

    In this article you will also find out how to use your energy effectively, what is the quickest way to achieve personal growth and how to excel in every activity.

    1st Self Improvement Activity: Use your energy on important things

    If you want to succeed in life, you should not waste your energy on activities that do not bring any benefits.

    Such useless activities include surfing the internet without any purpose, watching TV, worrying and wasting money.

    When you are involved in such activities, you have no or little energy left for activities that can create a better future. It is worth prioritising and accomplishing important tasks first, and then if you still have enough energy, you may decide to do the unimportant.

    2nd Self Improvement Activity: Focus on one task at a time

    If you want to get perfect results, you should only concentrate on one activity. This way all your energy will go into it and you will accomplish it perfectly.

    If you waste your energy on several things at the same time, you will get average results because you will divide your energy between the activities.

    3rd Self Improvement Activity: Control your thinking

    To avoid chaos in your mind resulting in chaos in the outside world, you should try to observe your thoughts. Once you start doing that, you will notice how many negative thoughts you get daily.

    By observing negative thinking you will be able to emotionally disengage from it. As a result, negative thinking will affect you less and you will notice that your days are getting more peaceful and positive.

    4th Self Improvement Activity: Get organised

    When you live in an organised manner, you do not suffer from stress and your life is peaceful and balanced. To start living this way, you should start planning your day in advance. This will eliminate any stress caused by being late to a meeting or forgetting to complete some task.

    You should also live in tidiness because by keeping your home clean you also keep your mental state clear and peaceful. Such mental state will benefit you in many ways, including improved memory and less negativity.

    5th Self Improvement Activity: Live in the present

    Although this self improvement activity may seem strange to you, it is a very important activity that many ignore. The majority of people do not live in the present. They either dwell on their past or daydream about the future. They seem to forget the most important time of all the present.

    You should enjoy every present moment because your current state of mind always manifests in the outside world, creating your future accordingly. Therefore if your main mood is very positive, you will experience only happy days. However, if you dwell on negative thoughts, you are sure to encounter many obstacles and misfortunes in the present and days to come.

    6th Self Improvement Activity: Complete each task in a perfect manner

    Whenever you are working on some project, try to accomplish it in the best way possible. Always ask yourself 'Is this project turned out as perfect as it could possibly be?' If the answer is no, try to correct or add something to it until there is nothing that you can improve.

    This way you will make sure that each single task you accomplish is done in an excellent manner. By doing this you will create successful future because you cannot possibly fail if you only get perfect results.

    Also, when you entirely focus on one task excluding everything else, you will notice that you start enjoying the task. If you concentrate on the task but still do not enjoy it, that means that you probably see the task as a means to an end rather than the process. You should start focusing on the process itself to find enjoyment in the task. Such enjoyment will fuel motivation and you will accomplish everything quicker and better. If you enjoy your work, you will put only positive energy into it. As a result, your completed tasks will bring you success.

    7th Self Improvement Activity: Challenge yourself

    Nothing develops you more than challenges. Challenges force you to shift your comfort zone, experience new situations and make you grow. Without challenges life would be very boring and depressing.

    Challenges are necessary for every human being who is seeking quality life. Only through trial and error you realise who you really are, which activities you like and what preferences you have. You can easily measure the success of a person by the amount of challenges s/he had.

    8th Self Improvement Activity: Read personal development books

    There is nothing more important than searching information about self improvement. Without reading any self improvement books or articles you cannot improve yourself.

    9th Self Improvement Activity: Socialize only with positive people

    Positive people can inspire, empower and make you happy. It is so much worth to be at least once in a while with positive people rather than constantly spend time with negative friends or relatives. If you spend your days with, for example, lazy people, you may notice that you are becoming lazy.

    If all your friends' main qualities are negative, try to avoid all of them. This way you will not be affected in a negative way and after some time will start attracting positive people.

    10th Self Improvement Activity: Exercise

    Daily exercise develops determination, focus and patience. It improves your health and strengthens your body. It makes you more active, positive and invincible. People who exercise every day are always perceived as strong-willed and disciplined.


    These personal improvement activities are sure to put you on the track to success. I hope that you will apply the steps in this article and, as a result, will greatly improve the quality of your life.

  11. blog-0452021001417882421.jpg

    Cheers & very special thanks to each and every mechanical engineering professional for visiting the website in 2014 and making it count to reaching a historic milestone of 1 million hits.

    Sharing with you stats which can also be seem live from link at the bottom of the page


    Thanks and Regards

    Saurabh Jain

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    Can any one help me in find the vendor who can manufacture the hemisphere of 700mm dia using aluminium of 2mm thick. Please provide details if any one can do it from india

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    Can anyone Tell, cost details of "Cosserat Rod" and its vendor ?? Please reply if anybody familiar with "Cosserat Rod" !

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