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    2. Friends, we have to know which type of drilling is done more in depth. for deep drilling is considered as DEPTH/ DIA => 5The benefits of peck drilling reduce cycle time. In G73 peck drilling after each drill, tool retract only 1 mm.This drilling cycle is used mostly drill soft materials like; Aluminium O4231N10 M06 T06 ;N20 G90 G80 G17 G00 G54 X0 Y0 ;N30 G43 Z100 H11 ;N40 M03 S1500 ;N50 M08 ;N60 G99 G73 Z-55 R5 Q20 F300 ;N70 G98 G80 G00 Z100 ;N80 M05 M09 M30 ; for details my link is - http://www.hdknowledge.com/2018/08/how-do-i-make-fanuc-program-with-g73-high-speed-peck-drilling-cycle.html
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    4. Why CNC machines are more accurate than conventional machine tools ?
    5. What is the difference between isotropic and anisotropic materials ?
    6. What do you understand by basic static load rating of a bearing ?
    7. What is the difference between a machine and a mechanism ?
    8. What is the difference between fixed beam and continuous beam ?
    9. How dose cavitation manifest itself in a centrifugal pump ?
    10. What do you understand by acoustic velocity ?
    11. What is Biot number ?
    12. Which reactor uses natural uranium as fuel ?
    13. In what connection Wilson line and Willan's line used ?
    14. In which cycle heat is added at constant pressure and rejected at constant volume ?
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    16. What is the difference between directrix and generatix ?
    17. What is the name of solid solution of carbon in alpha iron and delta iron ?
    18. Why is spring washer used in some bolted joints ?
    19. What is the difference between lower pair and higher pair ?
    20. What should be done to avoid cavitation in pumps ?
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