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  2. Im trying to solve this problem but just not getting it. Below is the problem.
  3. Dear Exparts,

    pls help to calrify how is impact of CO2 and H2S to performane of natural gas engine? how is impact to engine if change CO2 and H2S content from 16% to 40 % of CO2 and 50ppm to 100 ppm of H2S ? 

    how is derenece between design engine to meet with Zone 2 requirement? how is design of mechanical components to meet with Zone 2?

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  5. Hai, Iam so glad can joint with this comunity....

    1. Nageshwar Mahto

      Nageshwar Mahto

      How to assemble Tata 750 gearbox 


  6. Mechanical Engineering : The Field

    In a very tough graduate job market it’s fair to say that degree-level engineers are doing great. Engineers build the society and mechanical engineers apply fundamental laws of maths and physics to create and build mechanical devices that we use every day. So there’s no surprise to see that mechanical engineer students have good graduate prospects. Statistic shows that 81% of mechanical engineers were in positive destination, six months after graduating in 2013. A positive destination signifies either professional-level employment or postgraduate study. Great starting salaries Professionals with mechanical engineering skills are highly valued in society and their salaries reflect that same. Again as per statistics, mechanical graduates in professional jobs receive, on average, £26,197 a year, that rises in between £40,000 and £55,000 after 10 years in job. read more at: Reasons To Study Mechanical Engineering
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  8. ANSYS Tutorial

    Thank you
  9. Difference between gear hobbing and gear shaping.

    Generally Gear shaping is where the teeth are generated by a reciprocating tool, gear hobbing is done using a revolving cutter and the workpiece revolving against the cutter, hobbing is generally quicker at producing a gear wheel and fairly accurate as it produces a good diameteral pitch (DP) and tooth profile. Gear shaping can be done with a single revolving cutter in a milling machine so long as a cutter of the correct tooth form is used, this method does not produce as good a DP as the work piece is stationery where one tooth at a time is cut. I have cut gears on my milling machine and on my shaping machine. Gear shaping is the way large gears are cut. I have seen Sunderland Gear Planers cutting gear wheels of 25ft (10 to 12 metres) diameter. small gear planers are quit common, the tool reciprocates against a revolving gear blank which rotates 1 tooth at a time after each stroke until the whole gear has been cut.
  10. Jigs and fixtures

    I used to make, jigs, fixtures, specialist work holding devices, press tools and injection molding dies.
  11. Roadmap for your Mechanical Engineering profession

    The software tools are used by an engineer to get things done easy and fast. In this blog topic, we mentioned below the important and essential software tools which should be learned during your bachelor course in mechanical engineering. AutoCAD ( A fundamental CAD software for designing and draftinging purpose) 2. Pro/Engineer Complete parametric 3D CAD/CAM/CAE software) 3. C Language (Programming language) 4. ANSYS (A software for analysis or simulation. AutoCAD It is drafting software which requires drawing 2D objects as well as 3D modelling. Read more at: Essential software to learn in Mechanical Engineering
  12. Manufacturing Process

    Manufacturing processes have come a long way since the industrial revolution and with the introduction of new technologies such as additive manufacturing, it will only get better and more advance. But as Mechanical and manufacturing engineers ( and Product designers) how well do we know various manufacturing processes available. Are we slowly losing some of the oldest manufacturing techniques. Test your manufacturing process knowledge here and see how well you understand the different processes.... Manufacturing process survey
  13. What jobs can you do with a mechanical engineering degree?

    I guess the chain here is design, procurement, installation and commissioning. With your experience in structures you can give value in structural works related to supporting solar equipment. You can also get involved in installation and execution especially in planning, procurement and logistics.
  14. What jobs can you do with a mechanical engineering degree?

    you've asked one of the classic questions in careers which is "What can I do with my degree in ?" You can google for that and get many more ideas. Automotive engineer Biomedical engineer Consulting HVAC engineer Nuclear engineer Robotics engineer Teaching Acoustics engineer Design engineer Energy conservation engineer Engineer, power generation Fluid mechanics engineer
  15. a shaft supported by tow bearing a and b is transmitting 5 hp at 600 r.p.m from 300 pulley 60 mm to the right of bearing b to a spur gear pinion located midway between the tow bearing .if bearing a and b re 100 mm apart and the the spur gear width is 40 mm and the pulley is 50mm design the shaft

    dia=32 ,pressure angle =20

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    2. Senthil J Prakash

      Senthil J Prakash


      There are two methods to calculate shaft diameter. One is Strength based and other is deflection based.

      First you need to draw a free body diagram of all the forces and you need to consider bending and torsional stresses on the shaft. So calculate bending and torsional moments and torques...

      you need to only calculate these at critical points. 

      Good luck...

    3. Osman Shamat

      Osman Shamat

      Thanks alot

      Do you recommend any particular textbook where I can find problem similar to this one thanks again

    4. Senthil J Prakash

      Senthil J Prakash

      Try this 


      Hope this helps

      Senthil J Prakash



  16. hi every one can i find mott machine elements in mechanical design pdf here?


  17. Types of Welding

    Good work, lot of engineers will benefit
  18. I could be wrong, but I don't think you get a knee-and-column CNC mill. The bed-type mill can move much faster, especially in the z-axis, so it should be the more productive machine. As I said, I could be wrong.
  19. Why pistons are usually dished at top ?

    This was discussed years ago in a performance forum in the form of......"Which is more efficient? A 10.5 cr using a dished piston and small wedge chamber or a flat top piston with a bigger wedge chamber?" The former is indeed more efficient.
  20. Why pistons are usually dished at top ?

    To provide more turbulence and swirl. Thus, more homogeneous mixture gonna be obtained. This can lead to more heat transfer as well (as the surface area increases).

    The lableing of the SU carb is slightly misleading, what is labled as the piston is wrong, the correct name is Throttle slide, it controls the air volume, velocity and air to fuel mixture and is controlled by the suction created in the inlet manifold, this suction or vacum sucks the throttle slide up, this action also increases the amount of fuel sucked into the carb to be mixed and atomized with the airflow. These carbs are very old hat now as very few naturally aspirated engines are fitted to cars and trucks. I used to race supercharged motorcycles in the late 1960s and earley 1970s (drag racing, Hill climbing and sprinting) using SU carbs to control the air and fuel flow in to the supercharger.
  22. what is entropy?

    simply explain


  23. What is this??


    1. Ward


      Cut away view of a differential.

      Nicknamed "The pumpkin".

    2. Ramesh chainani

      Ramesh chainani

      Differential drive of axles

  24. how fins over cylinder Piston increase heat transfer?

    1. Senthil J Prakash

      Senthil J Prakash

      Fins increases surface area which in turn increase convection heat transfer. For example computer chips will have a finned heat sink stuck on top of the top surface. This will increase the surface area and they also sometimes put a fan on top of the heat sink to cool it down.


      Hope this helps

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