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  4. Because its casing is in from of involute because constant velocity required to maintain. so casing is make in the form of involute.
  5. What is file ?fbd


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  9. The source where I have encountered this definition is EN-13455. There are no any further description of mentioned definition at all. I got confused on this matter. So, to go back and read will not do... Best regards, Sergey
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  11. Thanks for your answer. The structure FBD is in perspective, and it is symmetrical, so the unknow reactions are easier to find. The red dots are the three dots that connects the long element (rectangular tube) with the other three (also tubes). What I wanted to know is that if the central crossed element will hold any force or moment since the other two acts like rigid connections, and (as I believe) they take ALL the forces and moments. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Here goes another sketch trying to clarify
  12. You asked why the casing is called an involute. The answer is because it is not called that, and only so called in error. The casing shape is called a volute which means a spiral. There is no "in" in volute! DrD
  13. And this is worth a post? Wow!! Who knew? DrD
  14. You had better go back to the source where you read that phrase to search for a meaning. In general, it means nothing at all. The big unknown is the meaning of the modifier "global" as used here. Who knows what was intended? One possibility might be to interpret it as the bending moment carried by the pipe considered as a simple beam. This is superimposed upon the stresses due to changes in curvature due to internal pressure in the pipe. DrD
  15. Nothing shows in red on the web site, so that does not help. For welded connections in 2D, you need to assume two forces and a moment transferred at every weld. Thus it looks like this is going to give you 3 x 2 = 6 forces and 3 moments to be included in your FBD. Not surprisingly, this is statically indeterminate. DrD
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  17. please I need help with a project..... I was asked to "Design a projector holding system that Is attached to a wall that will hold a projector facing that wall for making presentation. The System should such that it is foldable after use and the projector can be removed after use and the system stowed against the wall neatly. It could be manually powered electrical powered or both" Please anyone with usefull contributions or sketches should discuss or forward it to my mail
  18. Hello, What is the meaning of "Global bending moment carried by shell (pipe)"? I do not understad how this moment occurs in a shell. Is it a moment due to the weight of vessel? Hope that somebody can clarify it for me. Best regards, Sergey Dukman
  19. Doing it yourself is a training for Mechanical Engineers. You realize people buying your products may be swearing the same way you do when one needs to be a contortionist to reach a fastener you made inaccessible. I must give credit to the GE ice maker - died after 8.5 years. It was plug and play. It was made by Samsung I believe. Buy it from GE $200. Buy it online as low as $89 + shipping. Exact same part number. One example that is often mentioned are oil filters for US automobiles. What other part requires access for removal as frequent as the oil filter? The object is designed for assembly and they are very easy to assemble before the engine drops in. My son-in-law's Toyota has the filter mounted on top of the engine. As easy to reach as an air filter or battery. Why in over over 110 years Ford has not gotten these arrangment? The heater blend door on Fords/Lincolns is another joy. Had this done several years ago. Forty dollar part, $900 in labor. This guy makes it sound too easy.
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  21. Hello, I am a student and I have a doubt about FBD of a welded structure. Can someone help me with it? The red points represent weldment. Basically I want to know how the forces and moments are transmitted. Horizontal beam is one element, while cross ones are welded to it. Thanks! T
  22. What is the meaning of the head turbine
  23. Man, you are a spoil sport! The whole problem is that you want to do all these things yourself, rather than pay a mechanic with special tools to do them for you. You are supposed to willingly take these devices to the shop, fork over big $$$, and go happily on your way, knowing that you have made a mechanic happy as well. In all seriousness, these are definitely significant concerns. They are more likely to be addressed in some industries than in others. They should be matters of real concern for home appliances that are likely to be owner serviced. DrD
  24. Count the number of times a single cylinder fires per minute, and record the rpm. If the two number are equal, the engine is a two stroke cycle. If the number of firing events is half the rpm, the engine is a four stroke. DrD
  25. Is it possible to design that small crane....making electric motor the driving force....instead of hydraulics
  26. Career Opportunity: Maintenance Planner – AK Steel – Butler, PA Do you thrive in maintenance planning and seeing it executed? Are you detail oriented? If so, then AK Steel has the career opportunity for you! Who we are: The priorities of the company are first – SAFETY, quality and continuous improvement. AK Steel is a leading producer of high quality, flat-rolled carbon, stainless, and electrical steel products; primarily for automotive, infrastructure and manufacturing, construction and electrical power generation and distribution markets. What you will do: As the Maintenance Planner you will lead planning downturns, outages and coordination of jobs and tasks. Also, you will: · Conduct meetings with contractors and AK Steel Management to review and evaluate scope of jobs, safety, pre-bids, bid reviews and interviews. · Provide concise evaluation of present equipment and recommend changes in job orders and work methods to improve efficiency and costs. · Evaluate work requests ensuring detail, drawing accuracy, detailed specifications and proper routing. · Investigate and solve safety, quality and production and cost variance problems and to have root cause analysis and issue corrective action. What we need from you: We are looking for the Maintenance Planner to communicate with all levels of the organization, be self-sufficient and provide direction to others. Additionally, you will need a: · Bachelor's degree in an Engineering discipline is recommended or equivalent experience in related technical field may be considered. · 3+ years in maintenance planning in a heavy industrial environment. · Experience in steel industry or heavy manufacturing environment preferred. How to Apply: This is an exciting opportunity to make an impact with an industry leader who recognizes character and integrity as the pillars of our success. Come join us! Go to to learn more and apply online, or submit your resume and salary requirements to AK Steel is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, disability, military or protected veteran status. Please no third party candidates or phone calls. Local candidates please – relocation and sponsorship are not provided at this time.
  27. Hydraulic cylinders haven’t really changed a lot over the years. The manufacturing processes are much more streamlined and the tolerances are much tighter, but for the most part cylinders are still the hard working push/pull tools they have always been. These things have literally shaped the world around us. Anything that gets lifted, pushed, hauled, dumped, dug, crushed, drilled or graded has gotten that way by some truck, crane, dozer or tractor using a hydraulic cylinder. But how do hydraulic cylinders work? The amazing amount of force a cylinder exerts is due to the simple mechanical principle of pressure exerted on the surface area of the piston . Simply put, the larger the diameter of the cylinder, the more it will lift.
  28. I need this to be solved now,need some help here guys.Can you make M,N,T diagrams (lines) please?
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