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  3. I could be wrong, but I don't think you get a knee-and-column CNC mill. The bed-type mill can move much faster, especially in the z-axis, so it should be the more productive machine. As I said, I could be wrong.
  4. Why pistons are usually dished at top ?

    This was discussed years ago in a performance forum in the form of......"Which is more efficient? A 10.5 cr using a dished piston and small wedge chamber or a flat top piston with a bigger wedge chamber?" The former is indeed more efficient.
  5. Why pistons are usually dished at top ?

    To provide more turbulence and swirl. Thus, more homogeneous mixture gonna be obtained. This can lead to more heat transfer as well (as the surface area increases).
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    The lableing of the SU carb is slightly misleading, what is labled as the piston is wrong, the correct name is Throttle slide, it controls the air volume, velocity and air to fuel mixture and is controlled by the suction created in the inlet manifold, this suction or vacum sucks the throttle slide up, this action also increases the amount of fuel sucked into the carb to be mixed and atomized with the airflow. These carbs are very old hat now as very few naturally aspirated engines are fitted to cars and trucks. I used to race supercharged motorcycles in the late 1960s and earley 1970s (drag racing, Hill climbing and sprinting) using SU carbs to control the air and fuel flow in to the supercharger.
  8. what is entropy?

    simply explain


  9. What is this??


    1. Ward


      Cut away view of a differential.

      Nicknamed "The pumpkin".

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  11. how fins over cylinder Piston increase heat transfer?

  12. Follow these steps: 10. Make the majority of what you have. 9. Beef up your relational abilities. 8. Find a role model. 7. Be included. 6. Keep learning and Learn everything viable. 5. Know the distinction amongst academe and industry 4. Be a piece of the advancement pipeline. 3. Think outside your boundary. 2. Be a cooperative person. 1. Think like an entrepreneur. To get more update visit :
  13. Each year, batches of mechanical engineering graduates make their way from educational institutions towards the vast competition of the job sector. Everyone desires a good salary and the perfect start. Mechanical engineering is one of the most popular engineering disciplines and in highly in demand within several industrial sectors in all the countries around the world. In addition, it is also one of the highest paid fields. Before we discuss about the top three jobs for highest Mechanical Engineering salary, you must first understand the skill set those are expected to get hired into a company and how to develop your skills such that your career path takes you to the highest levels. Read More : What jobs can you do with a mechanical engineering degree?
  14. 1)Young woman driver 2)Old woman driver 3)Woman driver how dinies her husband to drive
  15. Hi everyone, after invesitgating the market of 3d Scanning, and according to my demands, I chose two 3d Scanners: David SLS-3 (Hp scan pro) or Ein Scan Pro+. I think over this two cause my demands are: - Scanning all platforms (including black colors and Shining Planes) - Very accurate scanning (scanning PCB's with small detail margins) What in your advice is more worth taking in this kind of budget? Thx.
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    PartMaker Inc. is a department of Autodesk’s Delcam Device. Autodesk is any innovator in 3D design application for enjoyment, natural sources, production, technical innovation, development, and municipal facilities. The organization utilizes over 7,000 people around the entire globe, has yearly product sales of over $2 billion dollars and a market capital of over $10 billion dollars. Over 800,000 companies depend on our products and we have over 12 million customers. Autodesk’s PartMaker Inc. department is situated in suv Chicago. The PartMaker Inc. department has a superb reputation for its persistence for customer support, product quality and technical management. At Autodesk’s PartMaker Inc. department, we offer you the best of all possible planets from a career viewpoint, the probability to be a part of a worldwide growth innovator while working on a smaller group where your perform, effort and participation will make a real impact. Read more: What does a CAD CAM engineer do?
  18. Can someone help me out, state four areas where overdrive can be position.


  19. Seeking a mechanical engineer in New York City

    Most of people here coming from the other side of the world... Only a few coming from the New World. But good luck with that, grasshopper
  20. Hi! Anyone have anything about composite materials?

    Thank you!

  21. Good day, people. I'm about to graduate in Industrial Engineering in Brazil, but I often do researches about career and studies abroad because there are better oportunities and quality of life in other countries. I've been recently doing some research about getting licensed in the US, Canada and UK, but information comes quite dispersed and I'm a little confused about it, so I came here to seek for some help. How do I get my degree to be acknowledged in these countries? If I get a master degree in mechanical engineering in one of these countries, can I get a license to work as a ME, or would I have to get a bachelor degree? What else should I know about becoming licensed? I'm not expecting to get all answers at once, but anything you can do to help me would be much appreciated! Best regards, Jorge
  22. https://youtu.be/u4oiXKcZfTs
  23. Please can anyone help me to find the coupling gap? How to maintain coupling gap.
  24. Took truck to ford dealership and had a fuel mod replaced, a wire harness replaced, and a turbo leak fixed, which it had been to the dealer twice for same problems. The fixed it for free the second time and  not even 24 hrs later was on the side of the road 4hrs and had to be towed to another ford dealer they said they have to go inside of the motor to see wats wrong. Could the first dealer have messed up? My truck only has 180,000 miles a diesel truck. 

  25. Stepper motor with gears. Torque and size calculation

    Plz read machine design book chapter 10 .you will get your answers..authors shiengly 9edition
  26. Fatigue Test

    Dear please read book of machine design by shiengly 9e .to confirm your concept
  27. Fatigue Test

    Hey guys, im working on my final exam about testing materal with fatigue method. I confuse about something. Are strain amplitude and displacement amplitude same? if yes, can you guys please explain how. i really stuck because journals about this method usually use load controlled which means stress amplitude, but i use displacement amplitude. Thankyou
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