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    Nowadays, most of the mechanical companies use ATS for shortlisting resumes. How can we mould our resumes based on the keywords and how to select keywords for mechanical oriented companies?
  3. CATIA  Complete Learning TUTORIALS:

    Please check for your reference.

  4. Hi valuable colleagues I am looking for any file talking about maintenance planning & scheduling (preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, & proactive maintenance). appreciating your valuable helps Thanks & Best Regards
  5. Variable Geometry Turbocharger.pdf
  6. Mechanical Springs

    Mechanical Springs.pdf
  7. catia v5

    Pleaase I need a book,tutorial to masterr catia v5 from part design to animation. Thank you so much
  8. is it possible to have degree of freedom in fraction(reason)

  9. What is HUCR in relation to petrol engine?

    HUCR is highest useful compression ratio which refers to the highest compression ratio of engine which would lead to maximum fuel efficiency with respect to particular fuel. This would imply that for a particular fuel if engine compression ratio is higher than HUCR then the engine would not give its maximum fuel efficiency.
  10. U18C GE locomotives built in 70s, modernized to C20MEI, power increased from 1800 HP to 2200 HP, control upgraded by using BrightStar technology.
  11. Waterjet project

    please describe little more then we can help what purpose any thing
  12. Why pistons are usually dished at top ?

    So that pressure equally distributed over the piston...... Of combustion
  13. Mainly the deisel engine has higher torque and effeciency due to its high compression ratio.The engine cylinders are designed in such a way to get higher compression ratio. Higher the stroke higher will be the swept volume. Hence higher the compression volume. Another reason we can conclude is that the spark occurs in petrol engine at optimum time. Any deviation in this time results in low peak pressure. Whereas in deisel engine combustion occurs at higher peak pressure. Also MEP ( Mean effective pressure) contributes in higher torque.It is nothing but the effective utilisation of volume of the cylinder. Turbocharged engines contribute more air input and thus higher torque.
  14. Waterjet project

    I'm going to start the new design of waterjet machine .I need some couple of ideas from your side.
  15. It's fraktal konstructions. You can making most strongly structure to the all supporting frame and save material. It's the same what is on bones, e.g osseous tissue
  16. Design of a cable stripper
  17. is it possible to have degree of freedom in fraction?

  18. is it possible to have degree of freedom in fraction?

  19. various types of Damages Cause spark plug not working.jpg

    This is good to know for most hands on Car buffs
  20. How to make helth snacks? Vacuum fryer is alternative machine now.

  21. design wind power farms

    can you help me
  22. autoCAD

    you can download student version with a free license trial for 3 years directly from the autocad website with recommended specifications of your lap/pc.
  23. What are the functions of an inter cooler and waste gate
  24. Stronger or Stiffer ?

    Considering the section modulus makes me conclude that the hollow one would be stronger in both the cases - same dia and same weight ! That's quite fascinating.
  25. Mechanical Engineering will be a better option because we are talking about design.
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