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  2. Look at the construction of a small IC engine, such as for a motorcycle. That has all the construction features you need, but be aware that hydraulic oil is only slightly compressible. If you ever try to move the piston to compress the oil, the valves must be open to allow oil to flow out; otherwise, you will bend the connecting rod and/or crank. DrD
  3. The sonic boom in air is a compressibility effect. Water is almost incompressible, therefore, I would not anticipate any boom in water. DrD
  4. How do I go about building an airtight piston and fill it with hydraulic oil? I don't know where to start, so any links to resources would be appreciated. An axial load of around 200N is expected.
  5. Iron_carbon_Phase_Diagram.jpg

    yr if anybody have full command over iron carbon phase diagram. I want understand it.
  6. Plz tell me what asking in interviewer for diploma in Mechanical Engineering student..
  7. Steam Trap

    The operation of steam trap is to separate the condensate water form the steam.
  8. CAD software to use?

    Thanks, will check into it
  9. Hi! Im student from Poland and i have report to write on Material Science. At first it looked fine and timeconsuming, but easy... but now... Uncle google failed me. My topic is "7 main ferritic metals and 14 secondary". I just need names of these metals, we have big library so then i will have all i need, but now i need to know when to start and what to look for at all -.-" Can you help me? D=
  10. CAD software to use?

    You should go for CATIA.
  11. just i want to learn result of that,we know that,it creates sonic bomb in air what could be in water?
  12. I agree with DrD. Also what is the reason to pass speed of sound under water
  13. Dear colleagues, let us present free searchable Database of engineering materials "European Steel and Alloy Grades / Numbers" (SteelNumber.com). SteelNumber contains the information about classification, chemical composition, equivalent grades, mechanical and technological properties of more than 2000 european steel & alloy grades and worldwide equivalents of more than 4500 international grades. "European Steel and Alloy Grades / Numbers" is useful for mechanical engineers, constructors, metallurgists, technologists, material testing departments and others who deal with metal.
  14. Mass Moment of Inertia

    thanks sir Engineer Industrial safety is <another question> it doesnt connect with MMOI ...... Iwant abook in that: 1-planning the industrial plant and locations 2-types of colors used in factory Corridors and around machines . 3-safety Signboards 4-Fire extinguishers planning places, types and distances between them 5-Alarms 6- electrical circuit breakers 7-Emergency exits
  15. Mass Moment of Inertia

    Industrial safety does not have a whole lot to do with the mass moment of inertia. Industrial safety is largely common sense. If you don't understand what is going on in an area, stay out of it. If there is the possibility that there may be something moving so fast you cannot see it, stay away. If there is the possibility of something falling on you, don't go under it. If there is the possibility of you falling, use a safety belt, a safety line, or stay out. Always wear your hard hat and watch for overhead obstructions (like pipes, machine parts, etc) and holes in the floor. (My hard hat from my steel mill days if covered in black marks where I ran into things while I was looking at the floor to avoid pitfalls.) Stay out of high noise areas. If you must, wear hearing protection and limit your exposure time. (I'm deaf because I worked too long one high powered sonar transducers.) Wear safety glasses wherever indicated. They are a pain in the neck, but they sure beat being blind! Wear gloves, aprons, steel toed shoes, etc as indicated for the situation you are going into. That's about it. DrD
  16. Mass Moment of Inertia

  17. safety

    Is it possible to help me I want a course or a book about Industrial Safety Inside industrial plants Or at sites such as shipbuilding, installations-oil
  18. Is it possible to help me
    I want a course or a book about
    Industrial Safety
    Inside industrial plants
    Or at sites such as shipbuilding, installations-oil

  19. what is FEA ?

    what is FEA ?
  20. Call for papers (ASRO Journal of Applied Mechanics (AJAM ASRO Journal of Applied Mechanics (AJAM) is an Online peer-reviewed, open access Journal, issued three times per year as an online publication and hosted by the Academic and Scientific Research Organization (ASRO). The ASRO Journal of Applied Mechanics aims are to: Serve the mechanical engineers researchers all over the world from academic institutes or industries Giving especial attention to young mechanical engineers researchers to increase their abilities for writing high-quality publications and scientific contributions. Covers diverse mechanical engineering topics such as Aerodynamics, Aerospace, CFD, Design, FEM, HVAC, Measurement, Mechatronics, NVH, Powertrain, Turbomachinery, simulation, and safety, for academic and industrial researchers. The journal will accept short articles only in the first two-three issues then the researchers should submit full-length papers with considerable technical depth. Maintaining high quality of all contributions with the help of high qualified Editorial Bard team. The ASRO Journal of Applied Mechanics will accept publications including media in the main content. Media types could be audio, video or animated figures. These new features should enhance the main content of the publications, showing deep understanding of the related technical issues (for example, simulation animations, acoustic audios of devices, operational videos of machines...etc.) ASRO Journal of Applied Mechanics (AJAM) is inviting papers for Vol. 2 No. 1 which is scheduled to be published on May 1st, 2017. An early submission will get preference in case of review and publication process. You can submit your manuscript please register to the online submission system here: http://asrongo.org/journals/index.php/AJAM/user/register Then go to the submission Page http://asrongo.org/journals/index.php/AJAM/author/submit/1 If you are already a member then login to your account here http://asrongo.org/journals/index.php/AJAM/login Then go directly to the submission page. http://asrongo.org/journals/index.php/AJAM/author/submit/1 For more information, visit the official website of the journal http://asrongo.org/journals/index.php/AJAM/index , Best wishes ASRO Chair Board
  21. ANSYS Tutorial

  22. Mild Steel. I had to look it up myself. Still don't fully understand the question.
  23. Just what does M.S. pipes refer to? I read this as "Main Steam pipes," but perhaps you had something else in mind. It would be really nice if that actual question had a direct relation to headline. DrD Just what does M.S. pipes refer to? I read this as "Main Steam pipes," but perhaps you had something else in mind. It would be really nice if that actual question had a direct relation to headline. DrD
  24. Off hand, I cannot see any reason why this would not be possible, provided you had sufficient power available. More to the point, why would you want to do this? What is the point? In what circumstance can you see this being useful? DrD
  25. Bolts under bending

    And the design of a gantry crane has what to do with bolts in bending? It would be a real benefit to other readers for the title and the question to have some obvious connection!! DrD
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