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  • saurabhjain

    Calling Mechanical Engineers to collaborate on Twitter

    By saurabhjain

    If you are a mechanical engineering professional and have a twitter account .. we invite you in our mechanical engineering  campaign to collaborate on twitter.. Retweet the following status on Look forward for your presence. Regards Mechanical Engineeirng forum
  • DrD

    #20 -- A Question of Stability (Revised)

    By DrD

        Mechanics Corner
        A Journal of Applied Mechanics and Mathematics by DrD, #20
        © Machinery Dynamics Research, 2015
    A Question of Stability Introduction     The word stability in its several forms is widely used in nontechnical communication. A person whose life it highly consistent from day to day is said to have a stable life. When the political situation in a particular area appears to be unlikely to change, it is said to be stable. A person who is well balanced and unlikely to be easily provoked to anger is said to be a stable person. When the medical condition of a sick or injured person ceases to get worse, the person is said to be stabilized. A company on the verge of bankruptcy is said to be an unstable company. But what does the word stability mean in a technical context? Each of the foregoing examples hints at the technical meaning without really being explicit about it.   A factor g = accel of gravity was missing in the potential energy expression. That is now corrected.
  • DrD

    A Question for Readers

    By DrD

    Many of you have asked me various questions, so now it is my turn. Let me lay a bit of background first, and then the questions.   I have had some conversations recently with JAG (one of the other writers here at ME Forums) regarding the choice of software for 3D modeling and analysis. JAG has made some excellent suggestions, specifically a cloud based program called Onshape. Unfortunately, for reasons that are unclear, my computer cannot run Onshape; I have worked with their help people for several hours, all to no avail. JAG recommends this in part because there is a "free version for the hobbyist" and a relatively inexpensive "full version for the professional." That is pretty attractive, but since I can't run it, I'm stuck.   I gather that virtually all engineering colleges these days are teaching some sort of 3D modeling and analysis software, but that raises a few questions in my mind. 1. If your college teaches brandX 3D software, what will you do when you go to work for a small company that cannot afford anything more than 2D drafting (simple CAD), with no analysis capability at all? How will you do your job then? You probably have your own pocket calculator, but will you have your own copy of ANSYS or Pro-E? 2. What software does your school teach (every students should have an answer to this question, so I expect lots of replies on this one!)? 3. If you have used software extensively for analysis of engineering problems (beam deflections, stress analysis, fluid flow, heat transfer, etc), are you confident  that you will be able to work all of those problems if there is no such software available to you on the job?   I might add, as sort of a postscript, most of you know that I am older than dirt (I just had another birthday, so the situation is even worse!), so I tend to look at things from an elderly perspective. One of my great fears as a working engineer was "What will happen when I'm ask to do something that I don't know how to do?" It happened more than once, and it usually resulted in a flurry of intense research to come up to speed on whatever topic was involved. I could usually do that because I have a pretty good library, and I knew how to use a university library as well. But in terms of software, I was always concerned that I had no FEA program, so how could I do problems that others were doing by FEA? I have come up with some interesting work-arounds, including writing my own FEA for some problems, but I never wanted to be dependent on software that I could not afford to own. So, back to my questions about: How are you going to buy your own copy of ANSYS? DrD

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  1. Friends,

    Plz guide me for analysis of pressure vessels in ansys.. I hav made a model in catia.. n i have to analyse it..

  2. blog-0176377001378352680.png

    A good teacher must know how to arouse the interest of the pupil in the field of study for which he is responsible.

    S. Radhakrishnan

    Some people excel in mastering the knowledge. Some people are skillful in imparting the knowledge. A teacher is the one who possesses both these qualities and hence is referred to as a treasure of knowledge.



    The “message” of the teacher to the students is not merely to impart knowledge content of books which is largely information fast getting out of date. But more than that it should be inspiration, by his/her example, towards the process of character building and the use of knowledge for welfare of the community. The total message to the students, and to the community, is the total life of the teacher.

    Daulat Singh Kothari

    One good school master is worth a thousand priests.

    R.G. Ingersoll

    May all knowledge come together and become radiant. A teacher gives knowledge to his student and enlightens him. Thereafter students give knowledge to someone else. In this way, one enlightens the other and knowledge increases . Increasing knowledge by knowledge is know as the Jnana Yagya. The ultimate aim of a Yagya is to increase the glory of knowledge.

    Yajurveda, 2/21

    The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

    William Arthur Ward


  3. blog-0907245001376823067.jpg

    As this is the first entry in new blog let me start with the basic question

    I did my mechanical engineering from Maharishi Arvind institute of Engineering & technology Jaipur .. How about you?

    Please share your college name in the comments



  4. Mechanical Engineering Network & Forum – U.S.A. Group

    Draw upon your expertise and the experience of others.

    Develop and increase a solid networking base with your fellow Engineers and Designers.

    Participate in mind provoking discussions.

    Recommend colleagues, societies and alumni.

    I look forward to having your input into our group.

    Thank you!

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    Nonlinear Buckling in ANSYS Workbench

    One of the problems faced in the mechanical designs is buckling, in which mechanical parts, with particular shape are subjected to buckle. This phenomenon appears when structures are subjected on compressive load, pressure, greater then material can withstand. Typical sample are vessels pressurized outside or subjected on vacuum.

    Eigen value Buckling as a preliminary step

    Similar to dynamic analysis, where performing a modal analysis to understand the

    frequency response of the system is a necessary first step, one should always perform a

    linear buckling analysis prior to solving a nonlinear buckling problem.

    Eigen value is a linear buckling solution of the problem and is essential for the following reasons:

    - Linear buckling (Eigen value) give us an estimate of the critical load to induce buckling.

    - Linear buckling could be solved for many buckling modes, which helps determine if there are more than one possible mode buckling shapes.

    - Buckling shape modes could be used in nonlinear analysis as an input for generating imperfection for use in nonlinear analysis.

    - The linear buckling analyses are much faster than nonlinear buckling analysis and can provide very useful information with very cheap computational price.

    Eigenvalue buckling analysis predicts the theoretical buckling strength of an ideal elastic structure. It

    computes the structural eigenvalues for the given system loading and constraints. This is known as

    classical Euler buckling analysis. Buckling loads for several configurations are readily available from

    tabulated solutions. However, in real-life, structural imperfections and nonlinearities prevent most realworld structures from reaching their eigenvalue predicted buckling strength; ie. it over-predicts the

    expected buckling loads. This method is not recommended for accurate, real-world buckling prediction



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    We are using planetary gear box to reduce the speed of ouput shaft. We are using Rack and pinion arrangement. Pinion is mounted on output shaft of the motor.

    The ouptut shaft is not rotating untill the last ring gear is stationary. To lock the last gear we have introduced the pin.

    But due to high Torque, pin is getting locked in the ring gear. it is not comming out even the Soenoid is discharged.

    So guys, need help in this to avoid locking of Pin in Ring gear.


    Amol Mane

  5. Welcome to Krish Piping Systems, we provide PIPING SOFTWARE TRAINING AND SOFTWARE INSTALLATION with quality and affordable price.


    By Krish Piping Systems, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

    Knowledge Through Quality,

    Engineer Innovates New World.

    Contact Us: Krish Murali: 8686857553, Chakri: 9700275867

    e-mail: .

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    i am from china ,jiashan county ,it is not big ,but beautiful ,there is one small old town which is called xitang ,. It dates back to the Spring and

    Autumn Period (770 BC-476 BC) and the Warring States Period (476 BC-221 BC). The town was a place of strategic importance on the boundary

    of the Wu and Yue states. Its flat terrain is marked by a quiet, natural environment with rivers running through it. From a bird's-eye view of the

    whole town, one sees blue water sparkling almost in every point the eyes touch and reflections of the houses in the water. The quiet water,

    handsome bridges, and the reflections in the early morning and the rosy sunset, fishing boats and the glistening lights in the evening, form an

    amazing picture full of a sense of poetry which can only be seen in the south lower reaches of the Yangtze River. People there, whether local

    residents or visitors, feel that this is fairyland. They even have no idea as to whether people are wandering in the picture or the picture is moving

    in their hearts.

    my factory is only 15 minutes by car to xitang .....


    devoted to self-lubricating industry

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    Dear Construction Industry Professionals,

    It would be much appreciated if you would take two minutes to follow the below link and contribute to the results of my Undergraduate Research Project on Industry attitudes towards BIM. As ever, all information and data collected will be treated with the strictest of confidence

    I am hoping to compare and analyse the results of my survey against the NBS Building Information Modelling Reports 2011 and 2013 results.

    Please bear in mind that to not have heard of BIM as a construction professional is a valid response in itself and offers interesting results analysing against previous data given so please be honest with your responses. I appreciate your time.

    My Kindest Regards

    Andrew R Turvey ICIOB

    Undergrad Student - University of Northampton (Bsc Construction Management)

  6. blog-0058824001362248818.gif

    All we are talking about here, is the flow simulation on a project car to analyze almost all necessary experiments before the car is on the track.

    Solidworks is the software that is used with the flow simulation add ins for this purpose. All aerodynamic experiments are thoroughly checked here on different perspectives although the real world experiences deflect from above one very slightly. But these studies are too much important.

  7. As we know designing is all about experience with knowledge, how u utilize it depends on you,,

    software are only tools to do all these in short time, with shortcuts

    but my suggestion is to learn things and not the software if u learn all the basics these software are only tools,u can learn them easily

    as we know piping is of three major branch layout, materials & stress . however some firms consider layout and materials as a same entity,

    for layout : taking MTO, developing layout, plot plan, isometrics, GAD are the basic functions.

    MTO: material take off: it is the list of items or materials required for the fabrication on site,or items required by piping.

    layout: layout is the arrangement of equipment, vessels, and all other required machines in plant.

    plot plan : plot plan is overall plan of a plant, including its road connectivity, nearby terrain , available facility etc.

    isometrics: isometrics is the piping drawing drawn in 3d view ( isometric view)

    GAD : GAD is general arrangement drawing arrangement of equipment on single sheet

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    Hi, I want to design a sensor who can mesure a force in direction x and a force in direction and moment Mx. I have to use strain gague in my sensor. I found some article about strain gauge and if we have some a force in one direction but my problem is that i cant find any ressource about combination of 2 force and a moment.does some one have an idea?i put article here.

    of course i can put 2 sensors in a orthogonal but I should have a balanced forces like this:



    of course we have Rb and Rc, and we want to mesure fx,fy,Mx.

    if i put 2 sensors like orthogonal, i have Mx=fy.l+fx.l and i dont want it,

    is there any one who have idea for mesuring 3 value with strain gauge??

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    What is CATIA?? And why choose?

    ,if you are thinking,what is Catia,then i thinks you're at right place.

    Here are Top ten reason why to choose Catia?

    if you think i missed some,please share your knowledge with us.

    CATIA Stands for Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application

    1.CATIA is a designing software to design most complex mechanical components within their material selection.

    2.Almost every design can made in CATIA.

    3.Aerospace industry almost depend on it.

    4.Most Accurate.

    5.Its a P.L.M. (Product life-cycle management)

    what is PLM?

    refer this link =

    6.A variety of tools.

    7.Famous worldwide.

    8.Interesting software(Addicted)

    9.Easily manage all parameters for less material loss.

    10. it can learn from only few authorized centers,not everyone can manage its license,due to its high accuracy and cost(12 lacks approx)

    (in English usually pronounced /kəˈtiə/) is a multi-platform CAD/CAM/CAE commercial software suite developed by the French company Dassault Systemes.since 1981. Written in the C++ programming language,CATIA competes in the high-end CAD/CAM/CAE market with Siemes NX.

  8. Dear All

    I want to design a crank shaft for single cylinder, single stage compressor. I am not that much aware of the forces and stress acting on it and what are the things to consider. Is there any standard available for this. If so, kindly advice.

    Thanks & regards


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    Asim Sarwar
    Latest Entry

    It’s fun,

    It’s entertaining,

    & It’s back!!!

    That’s right…..

    ASME GIKI Chapter (Pakistan) is organizing one of the most anticipated events of the year the 2nd International Mechanical Engineering Convention from 19th - 21st April, 2013. IMEC 2013 includes modules that have been designed to give you the true essence of Mechanical Engineering. This mega event brings you all the awesome and the most overwhelming activities all in one single event. It is going to be one of the biggest and most exciting conventions all over the world. Most of the modules are open to everyone. Hobbyists are especially encouraged to participate from all over the world. It doesn’t matter whether you are a mechanical engineer or not. You only need to have the will to participate and a creative mind in order to win the modules.

    IMEC 2013 includes:

    Human Powered Vehicle Contest

    Climate Control Challenge

    Rapid Design Competition

    Mind Crunch

    Xploneering Pakistan

    MENSA IQ Test

    Team Activities

    And much more.

    The details regarding all the modules will be available shortly. Stay Tuned for a lifetime experience!

    For Info please contact us at

    Or log onto

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    The Gryroscopic Couple which acts on a particular body like an Aircraft,ship,automobiles etc;It has been proved through observations which take place in the body or there is a real cause which has a force which causes the body to raise the nose or tail?

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    Hello friends,

    as we know about six stroke engine in which 5th & 6th strokes are only different.

    As our conventional four strokes get completed fifth strokes will take place in which water is sucked from third valve. As working tempurature of engine around 100 c so it will immediately converted to steam and volume will expand to about 1400 times so it will make power stroke. Than in 6th stroke that steam will get exhausted and normal first stroke will take place.

    So on this pls answer my few questions....

    1) What is the power generated when water turns to steam in fifth

    stroke? And how much water is taken?

    2) How much temperature goes down when water absorb energy

    form engine to get converted to steam?

    3) Is there any disadvantage of six stroke engine?

    4) Where do we find application of six stroke engine currently

    going on?

  9. Wish & Win! Did you ever experience sealing issues with your equipment? Or, when working on new machine design?

    Trelleborg Sealing Solutions wants you to share these issues you'd like to see solved! Enter your wishes, ideas, issues, and just plain how we can help you solve your sealing problem.

    Please submit your case on .

    Should your thoughts be chosen, there's 5,000 € prize waiting for you.

    To start your brainstorming, here are some ideas...

    Ideas for Today

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    - Ways of adding sustainable value to sealing solutions

    - Improvement of processes in cooperation with customers

    - Innovative developments for services

    - Recommendations for digital engineering tools

    Ideas for Tomorrow

    - Suggestions on which direction sealing technology should take in the future

    - Ideas for future focus areas for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions R&D

    - Predictions of future trends and changes to machine design which would affect sealing technology – and thoughts on how to deal with these challenges

    - Visions on future processes and cooperation between equipment manufacturers and suppliers

    - Proposals on services to be offered by suppliers in the future

    The final deadline for idea submission has been extended to February 28, 2013.

    Please submit your case on .

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    Hey engineers, I have a design project as a course of my study but don't know how to start and doing stuff like parts calculations and the required equation so if anybody can help me to do this project i'll be so thankful..

    The project says that: Design a drum dumper. The machine is to raise a 55-gal dmm of bulk material from floor

    level to a height of 60.0 in and dump the contents of the drum into a hopper.

  10. Randstad USA is currently looking for a Mechanical Engineer Manager in the East Volusia county area. Our client is specifically looking for someone who has at least fifteen years of experience including six years specialized in medical devices. Please feel free to contact me via email at or by phone 386-615-1388.

  11. What input an design engineer gets from a company? I am doing drafting from 6 months in a company . what role does a design engineer do in a company with 1 year experience ?

  12. cam-follower-mechanism.gif

    I have added this gif file so that you can instantly get idea of my cam follower prototype for clean energy.

    You can see cam follower mechanism for clean energy cheaper than coal. My cam follower mechanism is different than today’s cam follower. In general cam follower system,

    cam shaft is rotated and follower move up and down according to cam profile.

    In my cam follower system,

    1. Follower is offset.

    2. Force is applied from follower to cam and by using this force cam is rotated.

    3. We can decide how much follower come down for helping cam to rotate particular circumference length.

    4. Follower down 6 cm with 100 kg and rotate cam of 27 cm at 70 kg.

    5. Input energy we use to move follower is =0.06*100 =6 N-Meter

    6 Out put energy we get on cam = 0.27*70 = 18.9 N-Meter

    You can find prototype at

  13. For details, click:

    Are you working in Design engineering, construction, EPC, Petroleum, Automotive and Aerospace Industry?

    If yes, we offer short term training courses to enhance your skills. We are connected though a network of Engineering Training Institutes across the globe. Just fill in the form given on the right side and send your training requirements, we will soon revert back to you. We offer personal as well as corporate training solutions in engineering domain. At present we offer courses in the following domains.

    PDMS – piping

    Basic Piping Design

    Smart Plant Instrumentation – Corporate Training Only

    Basic process design for Chemical engineers

    Structural design


    PMP Certification

    Caesar – II – Stress Analysys course for mechanical engineers

    CAD/CAM/CAE – Hypermesh/LS Dyna/Abaques – For Automotive and Aerospace domain

    SAP – IS – Oil and Gas

    Basic Petroleum Engineering Practices

    NDT – Training, ASNT Level II, Level III

    If interested to undergo training in any of the above courses,

    email us at:,

    Contact Persons: Gijo.Vijayan/Sumit Kumar

    Mobile: 0091-7250288088, 7739307360

    For details, click:

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    Nano Technology is one of the best emerging and innovative technology Today... Here is Some Link from where You Can some more information.



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