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knowledge network connecting mechanical engineers across the globe.

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Today we have introduced the android app version 1 - the very basic app which will show you the latest discussion on your mobile phone.

You can download the same from


This is a very basic app to give  a start .. we look forward for senior members , developers to associate to make it one of the best app for mechanical engineering profession 

We request you to install the app on your phone and ask all your mechanical engineeirng friends to install the same..


Saurabh Jain




Looking for few students who can give couple of hours daily to Mechanical Engineering Forum

Preferably - 2nd yr/ 3rd Yr students

Job description - Mechanical Engineering forum is a knowledge forum for mechanical engineering profession.The candidate must have a passion to learn mechanical engineering and applications. He may need to facilitate interactive discussions in forum, capture latest technology insights for our members.

He should have his own internet connection and passion for knowledge sharing .

Must have good communication skills and should be able to create a culture of knowledge sharing under my guidance.

Creativity is a must and should be willing to take assignments individually.

Discipline and core value are necessary requirements

How to Apply-

Send me a personal message on this forum with your contact details

1 Your email

2 Your Ph no

3 Available time to talk

4 Your area of interest/ expertise

5 Why would you like to join Mechanical engineering forum team?

6 Your CV or details about you




Dear members,

On request - Mechanical Engineering Forum is proud to present "Mechanical Engineering" T-shirts on a theme "Religion Engineer - Caste Mechanical”.

We are offering these T-shirts exclusively to all our members fans and followers for a limited time only.

You can get the same from the following link

Campaign II -

Campaign 1 - Closed


Mechanical Engineering Forum


Dear mechanical engineers,

You are in the mid of your professional career say having experience of 10 to 15 years or even more...You may be well established or looking for change , or setting up your own company..Changing company / work profile - from technical to managerial (leading the team) can abe among some challenges to list upon

We would take this post as an ooportunity to hear froma ll of you - the challenges faced by you in a middle of your career.

This in turn will certainly help to identify hidden challenges and innovative solutions to overcome the same. This will even help other engineers to prepare themselves in advanced on known challenges before they enter in the mid of career.

You can also share your story with us.

Look forward to hear from all of you



For career guidance - Feel free to connect with us with us with your questions in Career Enhancement Forum for Mechanical Engineers


Dear Retired Mechanical Engineers,

You have done with your prifessional career. You have given the services for your company or your society or you were the entrepreneur.

Do you still face somechallenges ?

We take this post as an opportunity to hear from you all on the various challenges face by retired mechanical engineers.

This in turn will certainly help to identify hidden challenges and innovative solutions to overcome the same. This will even help other engineers to prepare themselves on known challenges once they get retire.

You can also share your story with us.

Look forward to hear from all of you



For career guidance - Feel free to connect with us with us with your questions in Career Enhancement Forum for Mechanical Engineers


Dear Mechanical Engineers,

Once done with your engineering course, you are away from your college faculty and some times even your friends and seniors such that you get a job far ahead from your hometown.

Sometimes you get a right boss and senior, sometimes it is a wrong profile The challenge to get acquainted in first job or even the search to get a first job is a challenge.

We take this post as an opportunity to hear from you all on the various challenges face by mechanical engineering freshers in start of their engineering profession.

This in turn will certainly help to identify hidden challenges and innovative solutions to overcome the same. This will even help other fresh engineers to prepare themselves on known challenges

You can also share your story with us. Look forward to hear from all of you



For career guidance - Feel free to connect with us with us with your questions in Career Enhancement Forum for Mechanical Engineers


Dear Mechanical engineering students & Mechanical Engineers,

Challenges is something which we all face at times. Every 1 has a different type of skills, resource and attitude. For some it can be a challenge to get an internship, for others it can be getting the right mentor

Selecting a right project topic can be another challenge


We take this post as an opportunity to hear from all of you on the various challenges face by mechanical engineering students while pursuing their courses.

Do share your story with us..

This in turn will certainly help to identify hidden challenges and innovative solutions to overcome the same It will also prepare upcoming students in advance and they will be ready for same

Look forward to hear from all of you.



For career guidance - Feel free to connect with us with us with your questions in Career Enhancement Forum for Mechanical Engineers


Dear members,

We have a notification setting options by which you can opt in or opt out to recieve notifications on the updates, discussions. The setting can be manges from the following link (you need to fisrt sign in to access the control panel )

For linkedin and google users , by default notifications were turned off. We request every one to alteast keep an option to recieve news from admin as we can amke sure to porvide you with important updates of the community.


Mechanical Engineering forum


Dear members,

We have added new profile fields which includes

  • Qualification,
  • year of completion,
  • Name of present company
  • Designation
  • Name of institute
  • Achievements
  • Projects undertaken

We request you to spare some time and update your profile.

The profile can be updated from the following link

Once done you can add comments below - "Done" so that we all can visit your profile and know more about you




From one of the article published in Economic Times,

A million engineers in India struggling to get placed in an extremely challenging market

Due to unavailability of Jobs in India –

  • Students graduating out of India's engineering colleges run the risk of being unemployed.
  • Others will take jobs well below their technical qualifications in a market where there are few jobs for India's overflowing technical talent pool.

Engineers Graduating V/S New Engineering Jobs (Demand Supply Gap)

  • According to data from AICTE, the regulator for technical education in India, there were 1,511 engineering colleges across India, graduating over 550,000 students back in 2006-07. Fuelled by fast growth, especially in the $110 billion outsourcing market, a raft of new colleges sprung up -- since then, the number of colleges and graduates have doubled.
  • A global economic slowdown may have only worsened what is already a bad problem. Even without this slowdown, there are a large number of students who won't get a jobs as estimates says that at best, there are 150,000-200,000 jobs generated annually in the Indian economy and far too many engineers attacking this labour pool.
  • According to multiple estimates, India trains around 1.5 million engineers, which is more than the US and China combined. However, two key industries hiring these engineers -- information technology and manufacturing -- are actually hiring fewer people than before
  • What's more, India's technical talent pool is also warped, with almost the same number of engineers as technical graduates from institutes such as ITI. "In developed markets, there is usually one engineer for every ten. This skew is only compounding the woes of engineers in India

Frustrated engineers are taking jobs for which they are overqualified and, therefore, underpaid.

The world of work is evolving... employers increasingly don't care what you know, they focus on what you can do with that knowledge

What Next - What is your strategy and action plan ?

After reading above facts

  1. Can we just rely on IT industries to get hired?
  2. Can manufacturing industries ever become capable to absorb the talent pool of engineers?
  3. Should we just wait and get frustrated and wait for our luck to work for us?

It is high time –

  • To look beyond the job hunting practice.
  • Not only to study engineering but also to explore what you can do with engineering knowledge.
  • To think how new opportunities can be created for engineers.
  • To think how engineers can overcome the above challenge and how can you contribute in same.
  • To collaborate with other engineers and engineering students to develop competency and capability to face the demand supply challenge
  • To think and act as an entrepreneur or to support others who are willing to lead as entrepreneurs.
  • To engage stakeholders to enhance capacity & capability which in turn can lead to convert innovative ideas into real manufacturing units.

We would request engineers to give a pause from daily routines and to give a sincere though on the challenge, Indian engineers are facing. We need to come together and to think for new solutions, innovation. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

You can make a difference and we are here to make it happen !!!


Mechanical Engineering Forum

Engineering Wall


Dear Mechanical Engineers,

We have just got an email from Linkedin stating that the group size of our linkedin group has been increased to 100,000 from the current limit of 20,000. Please accept my sincere thanks to all members who joined us and made it a success.

Sharing the snapshot with you the same.


Thank you Linkedin for increasing our group size to 100,000 members. This is a great gift from you to mechanical engineering profession.

You all can also join us in our linkedin group

facebook page

Google Plus




Dear Mechanical engineering professionals,

Thanks for showing your trust and interest in Mechanical Engineering Forum. Mechanical Engineering forum is a knowledge community for mechanical engineering profession and has started to connect world wide mechanical engineers.

About Mechanical Engineering Community Forum

  • The mechanical engineering community forum is the dream of ours to contribute for mechanical engineers and engineering and provide the free platform for young and experience engineers to show their passion in the field of engineering.
  • Started in final year of engineering in 2006 by Saurabh Jain, the forum has strength of 24K registered members with 61K likes on facebook page and 18 k members in linkedin group. (As on May 30, 2013). The time has come that we all come togther and take it forward for our Mechanical Engineering profession.

We Look forward

  • To provide the Knowledge hub in form of this portal, for all mechanical engineers across the globe.
  • To create the bridge between the working engineers and academicians for the development of engineering course and the industry ready new engineers.
  • To provide the platform say in form of blogging so that they can publish their engineering thoughts and papers and can get feedback with almost null cost.
  • To flourish the tacit knowledge gained by learning and experience in industry.
  • The working engineers can keep themselves upgraded with the latest happenings and keep their engineering basics sound and healthy by participation.
  • Young engineers can talk with the senior engineers to get some solutions for the problem they facing up.

Join us in Mechanical Engineering Community Forum

We request to join us and ask all your known colleagues, friends, seniors , professors , practice experts to join the same.

We not only have to join but participate and take the lead in the initiative.

Are you ready ?


Area of Interest - The most important ingredient to success and it is the subject / field / topic / area of work of which we are passionate to learn more about. We feel like talking and discussing more about our interest . Here we are referring to Mechanical Engineering domain..

When we are student we find interest in some subjects like fluid mechanics or machine design and as we grow as an engineer we may have an interest in a particular industry like steel industry , cement industry or power plants...Some get into passion of learning software / ....

Quality control . energy audits , production planning are few other area of interest ..

The idea of this post is to understand our area of interest which will certainly help us to know you better - The area of interest may change based on time / learning/ gaining experience - Doesn't matter what has been the past or what will be the future - We welcome your thoughts / your area of interest in form of comments. It will be good if you can also add the same in your profile.


Dear Mechanical Engineers,

Year 2012 has been good one and we look forward to keep giving our services for mechanical engineering profession. Of course we will need your support and your active participation.

Please accept our new year wishes in form of blog entry

Great News is - We have evolved as a knowledge pool and we are now connected with 20 thousand mechanical engineers across the globe and you are already with us; Cheers to be together on the board.

Forums has been performing at its best - Time has come when members are willing to share their knowledge and experience and are learning to participate. Do check our forums

We have started a new blog "Mechanical Engineering questions" where we are asking a questions on a regular basis and members are collectively trying to answer the question. A perfect approach to improvise the answers and learning as a team. Do have a look on same.

Video lectures has been seen and appreciated but comments are not coming to discuss the content / teachings from professors...

Quiz section has been the revelation and members are loving the same. This section was started just few months back and still in testing phase. If you are among those who have still to take a quiz Do not wait - give an attempt.

Download section- So far only 48 files uploaded but total downloads for them has crossed the 40,000 mark. We expect other members will soon upload so that others can download the same.

In 2013

we would like our members to start blogging in field of mechanical engineering. Writing blog is one of the best way to share your passion/ experience and learning. We would like every one to take initiative and create their own blog at mechanical engineering forum

Your profile speaks about you - It is the first impression, so lets keep our profile up to date.

Some how we are not able to attract professors/ lecturers - may be as I am no more associated with engineering colleges. I have a request with students, if you can speak for same with professors and encourage them to be part of Mechanical engineering forum.

Last year, I had a talk through emails with couple of professors - but no one turned up on the board. But this is true, for academic- industry interface professors will play an important role. may be this is one area where I am failed. We will reattempt for same....

Please accept our sincere thanks for reading the latest update.

Look forward to meet you on the board

Cheers for mechanical engineering profession.



Mechanical Engineering forum


Dear Mechanical Engineers and engineering students,

On this New Year, may you have enough enthusiasm to make your dreams big, enough determination to make each day better than the day before.

Happy New year to every 1 here on Mechanical Engineering Forum.. Glad to be connected, :)

let take some resolution

  • We will focus on our core engineering skills and values with a “mad” intensity.
  • We will lead with H.E.A.T – by being Humble, Exceptional, Authentic & Transparent.
  • Everyday, we will BET on ourselves – Be Exceptional Today!
  • let all of us contribute for better and sustainable world.
  • Let not only ask questions or help but we will also give answers to others and help others.
  • Let all of us be good mechanical engineer.

Our wish for freshers

  • May this year all freshers get their dream jobs with good compensation.

Our Request

  • Let all of us come together and make this forum one of the best forum for mechanical engineering profession
  • Let sign in once every day and make it our second home
  • Let all of us work as a team and learn from sharing experience.


This is something which must be encouraged by us, and I am very happy to see our members taking the initiative of sharing knowledge with writing in their own blogs.

Highly appreciated !!!

Sharing with you some of the blogs/ blog posts started by our members - with two objectives

1 We will appreciate the writings by our fellow members

2 We will also take an initiative to share our learning/ thoughts for the mechanical engineering

Check out the blog posts

Six stroke engine

Clean Energy Cheaper Than Coal - Cam Follower Prototype Continuous Motion

Mechanical Engineering Questions

Drum dumper project

Why vibration is important?

A Welding of Plasma and MIG

energy conversion

1 Million hits - for Mechanical Engineering forum

Hope you will also start a blog today on mechanical engineering forum

With best wishes


Mechanical Engineering Forum


Greetings from Mechanical Engineering Forum.

Today we touched the magical 7 figure mark in terms of number of page views at Mechanical Engineering forum !!!! It is indeed a pleasure to share such news as it gives us enthusiasm and energy to take it further.

The journey has just begun and we believe it will take loads of hard work and process setups to make it a consistent knowledge sharing and evolving network in field of mechanical engineering.

We are thankful to each and every member here on the board who have contributed to give us a sound start - and further we look forward for active participation from each of us which will take us to a environment of collective learning and will bring innovative change in our professional approach.

We encourage and welcome ideas, suggestions and feedback for our "Mechanical Engineering forum" such that it can be of more valuable resource for all of us.

Best wishes

From all of us


Mechanical Engineering Forum



This post is a part of introductory blog series which has been started to make you feel comfortable browsing the knowledge community forum which can lead to better utilization of resources.

before we start , kindly make sure to sign in http://mechanical-en...l&section=login

and if you forget the password


The knowledge sharing on Mechanical Engineering community forum is currently been done using the below 5 applications.








Quiz System


lets move into the Forum section which is further divided into Categories.

Mechanical Engineering Applications


Computer Applications in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Basics


Career Enhancement Forum for Mechanical Engineers


Meet 'N' Greet Mechanical Engineers


Each category has forums where

1 You can start new topic/Poll

2 Reply to already created topic

3 Rate the topic

4 Share the topics on social networks

We request you for the two things

Please introduce yourself


Start one discussion topic , based on your expertise/learnings on any of the above forum.

You can also play games


Tip: To see what is new today : Today's active content (can be seen at bottom of the main page of forums)


Looking forward to meet you on the board.

Thanks and Regards

Mechanical Engineering community forum


We are happy to announce the new section "Mechanical Engineering Links". We look forward as key directory useful for Mechanical Engineers.

What you can find in the links section? You can look forward to find


Links to suppliers of stock components, and links to custom fabricators. A concise list of the most relevant vendors with websites that are also valuable for their information. Also links to sites that can be used to directly source parts.

Consultants & Service providers

Links to organisations or individuals providing engineering services


Links to Every CAD and FEA product site imagineable listed here, including web resources such as free data translations. Also links to great shareware sites and a variety of other technical software sites (statistical, 3D rendering, etc.).

Engineering Colleges and Research Institutes

Links to colleges & institutes providing majors in mechanical engineering.

Community Newtoerks

Groups, forums, community links on orkut facebook twitter related to mechanical ENGINEERING

Knowledge Center

Links to sites with extensive information about general engineering topics such as manufacturing processes, materials, and new technologies

So get ready to promote your related work or service and the best part is that we are looking to keep it free submission.

We appeal every one to add the known useful links in the Knowledge center and appropriate sections.

For becoming our Affiliates kindly send us the personal message