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About this blog

The blog will cover amazing startup stories on mechanical engineering and unique ideas of individuals who have changed the globe.


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Shalini Chakraborty

LightSail Energy is one of the most eminent startups that hails from Silicon Valley founded by Danielle Fong, Steve Crane, and Ed Berlin in 2009. LightSail Energy has the concept of low-cost grid-scale energy storage solution in order to optimise power grids, democratizing access to energy and adhere on sustainable development. Investors such as Khosla Ventures, Innovacorp, Triple Point Capital, Peter Thiel, Bill Gates have invested in LightSail Energy.

LightSail Energy produces one of the world cleanest and economical storage systems.The website of the startup is  They have designed an excellent method of capturing heat energy and regenerating useful energy from compressing air. The process involves injecting fine, a dense mist of water spray which rapidly absorbs heat energy of compression and provides it during expansion. The system is fully reversible. To store energy, the system draws electricity from the grid and converts it into compressed air and heat. To deliver energy, compressed air and heat are turned back into electricity using the same system.

The system has 300+ hours of operation, 10 degrees Celcius temperature difference, 1000 rpm reciprocating piston compressor/expander and 250 KW highest power achieved. For low-cost storage, air is packed in a convenient shipping container and for large storage, underground caverns are used. This way of storing energy could be helpful in transforming intermittent wind and solar power into baseload energy. 



Shalini Chakraborty


Voxel8 was founded in 2014 by scientists and engineers from Harvard University. This company was supported by Braemar Energy Ventures and ARCH Venture Partners. This company aims at developing digital footwear manufacturing systems which revolutionalize how footwear products are designed, manufactured and sold to the customers. In July, the company raised funding of $12 million to which Autodesk also contributed.It has also been named as one of the MIT Technology Reviews of 50 smartest companies in 2015.

Voxel8's engineering grade polyurethanes are printed using ActiveMix system which enables programmable control of composition, geometry, mechanical properties of printed features on upper and 3D shapes. Voxel8 printer can pause automatically during a print to allow for electronic components to be placed inside specially printed cavities. Then the same machine can print the conductive traces connecting those components before completing the project. The ability to smoothening the printing process is done through innovative silver ink. Also, AutoDesk developed a new piece of software Project Wire from the ground to top in order to print 3D electronic devices.

The digital manufacturing system of Voxel8 has short design and production cycle; utilizes zero tooling; is compact, flexible, scalable enabling localized production and distribution to minimize warehousing and shipping cost.


download (1).jpg

Shalini Chakraborty

Agriculture is the backbone of the strong economy. Agriculture is demographically the broadest sector and plays an important role in the overall economic development in India since India ranks second worldwide in farm outputs. So, this is another Mechanical Startup Story from the Agriculture based start-up Sickle Innovations.

Sickle Innovations started in 2014 by the encouragement of Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing and Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. Since in Indian demographic scenario, not the availability of farm labors, low profits and labor drudgery problems are encountered frequently, the aim of the startup involves developing innovative mechanization solutions through Design Thinking.

The startup's website goes as follows The mango stem and transport it safely to the ground with the product name Hectare. The Cotton Picking Machine; being the second largest producer of cotton, challenges such as manual labor, intensive labor health problems have to be tackled by cotton producers. This handheld machine was developed by the company with patented technology that can double labor efficiency and enhances farmer income by 50%. The design eliminates injuries from cotton bur pricks and is self-powered fully automatic harvesting machine.

Being the world's largest producer of milk and bovine population 3 times larger than USA, milk production per cow/buffalo is lower.Imported machines cannot suffice the need of country environments and cow breeds.Hence, the design of the company's machine keeps full potential with the local scenario. 

Hence, startups are equally important when it comes to tackling small or huge problems in day to day scenario with innovative simple solutions. Keep Going Ahead and Keep Bringing Innovative Ideas!!!

Shalini Chakraborty

Holla People!!!! Since it has been a long time I was waiting for starting the blog on Mechanical Startups, my first entry to the new blog starts with the few hardware startups in India. ATHER ENERGY is a privately owned founded by Swapnil Jain and Tarun Mehta in 2013 headquartered in Bangalore Karnataka. 

This budding startup has received fundings from Hero Motocorp, Tiger Global & Flipkart. Profoundly being a part of Automotive industry and producing electric vehicles, in the in-house designed Lithium-ion battery pack design. The Ather S340 has a touchscreen dashboard connected to the cloud, host of smart features and offers a top speed of 72 kph. The scooter is designed in-house by Ather and will be manufactured in India.

Their website is known as


The Ather S340 features from remote diagnosis to onboard navigation and rider behavior. The S340 stands for S (Scooter), 3 for 3KWH, 4 for 40 Amp-Hour Battery Capacity.  It has lightweight aluminum chassis and can reach speeds of 72 kph and a range of up to 60 km. The vehicle can charge up to 80% in 50 minutes in fast charging mode. 

The Ather S340 has a Linux based dashboard with the 7-inch touch screen that integrates with cloud-based data through a 3G SIM card to enable constant data transfer and updates.The rider can create his user profile on the scooter, access onboard navigation and use the touch screen to switch between two modes - Sports and Economy. Different sensors installed in the scooter allow it to send all the information about rider behavior and riding pattern like braking, acceleration, mileage, efficiency to the cloud.Ather energy can also carry out upgrades on the scooter over the air due to 24X7 internet connectivity, without the need to bring the scooter to the manufacturer.

The vehicles produced by ATHER ENERGY are covered under FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid &)Electric Vehicles) scheme that offers incentives to the electric and hybrid vehicles ranging from Rs.1,800 to Rs.29,000 for scooters and motorcycles and Rs.1.38 Lac for cars. FAME is a part of National Electric Mobility Mission Plan by Government of India. As per the scheme, the customer can get the incentive in form of lower cost of the hybrid or electric vehicles at the time of purchase and the manufacturer can claim the incentive from the government at the end of each month.