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A place to discuss Engineering Product Design biased towards Mechanical engineering...

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New Product Development process

New product development is vital to any engineering company especially n this fast moving consumer market. But there is a high chance that your new product fail because of some avoidable mistakes. Read more on how you can avoid those common mistakes  

3D printed aluminium alloy parts

I got my first 3D printed aluminium alloy parts. As the image shows it looks like it’s been manufactured using casting. The 3D printing technology used to print these parts is called Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS). It’s one of many 3D printing technologies available these days  More pictures here

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing processes have come a long  way since the industrial revolution and with the introduction of new technologies such as additive manufacturing, it will only get better and more advance. But as Mechanical and manufacturing engineers ( and Product designers) how well do we know various manufacturing processes available. Are we slowly losing some of the oldest manufacturing techniques.  Test your manufacturing process knowledge here and see how well you understand the different processes.... Manufacturing process survey  

Senthil J Prakash

Senthil J Prakash