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This is a very interesting process, but unfortunately the video leaves a number of unanswered questions.

1. What drives the pile? Is it water jetted down, are is there hydraulic force also applied to push it down?

2. What holds the machine in place? Is it held down simply by the weight of the machine, or is the machine clamped to previously driven piles? If the latter, how do you ever get started?

3. What do you do in the event that the pile strikes rock or other impenetrable media?

4. Does the water jetting leave a solid embedment for the pile, or does it open up pockets around the pile down deep?

Many years ago, I watched some jetties being built with a steam pile driver that was truly driving the piles into place. It was explained to me at that time that the pile was driven until the resistance to driving reached a specified level. As a result, the pilings were each driven a different length, and the tops were later cutoff level.

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