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Rocket Homework Problem



    Mechanics Corner
    A Journal of Applied Mechanics and Mathematics by DrD, #38
      Machinery Dynamics Research, 2017


Rocket Homework Problem


    Most engineers find problems involving rockets to be exciting. There is something about a rocket that fires our imagination, whether we think of going to the moon or one of the planets, or simply of shooting down an incoming missile. The subject of this post involves a rocket on a mobile launcher. The rocket is intended to be transported in a horizontal position, but it must be elevated in order to be fired. Both positions are shown in the accompanying figure.

Read the attached PDF for more on this problem.



Addendum:  One reader has posted a proposed solution for this problem as a comment. It was not my intent that solutions be posted in the comments at all. I only want solutions sent to me by the personal message system. DO NOT POST YOUR SOLUTION IN THE COMMENTS!!

Regarding the solution that has been posted, let me say the following:

1. Some of the answers are correct, while others are not. Do not be misled into following this solution because there are errors therein.

2. Even where the results are correct, there are a number of methods that I would not recommend using. Thus again, I say to all other readers, do not follow this solution, but work it out for yourself.

3. Be sure to document your solution, so that if someone else were to ask how you obtained a particular result, you would be able to explain it in a clear and reasonable manner.





Recommended Comments

Dr. D, very interesting posts.

I just notice you post these problems quite a lot here.

These could be nice distraction from my daily work here.

(I am a mechanical engineer, mainly working to make small windmill and their support structures in Taiwan)

I start one at a time, so it wouldn't become a chore :D


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Well, thus far, we have two solutions submitted, one from what we Americans call the Far East, and the other from Latin America. I certainly appreciate that that are two people out there willing to spend a little time working through something as elementary as this, but I also wonder about the rest of you. It it too easy, to simple and therefore beneath your dignity? Or is it too hard, to the point that you are afraid to try it? I wonder ....


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