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Shalini Chakraborty


Holla People!!!! Since it has been a long time I was waiting for starting the blog on Mechanical Startups, my first entry to the new blog starts with the few hardware startups in India. ATHER ENERGY is a privately owned founded by Swapnil Jain and Tarun Mehta in 2013 headquartered in Bangalore Karnataka. 

This budding startup has received fundings from Hero Motocorp, Tiger Global & Flipkart. Profoundly being a part of Automotive industry and producing electric vehicles, in the in-house designed Lithium-ion battery pack design. The Ather S340 has a touchscreen dashboard connected to the cloud, host of smart features and offers a top speed of 72 kph. The scooter is designed in-house by Ather and will be manufactured in India.

Their website is known as 



The Ather S340 features from remote diagnosis to onboard navigation and rider behavior. The S340 stands for S (Scooter), 3 for 3KWH, 4 for 40 Amp-Hour Battery Capacity.  It has lightweight aluminum chassis and can reach speeds of 72 kph and a range of up to 60 km. The vehicle can charge up to 80% in 50 minutes in fast charging mode. 

The Ather S340 has a Linux based dashboard with the 7-inch touch screen that integrates with cloud-based data through a 3G SIM card to enable constant data transfer and updates.The rider can create his user profile on the scooter, access onboard navigation and use the touch screen to switch between two modes - Sports and Economy. Different sensors installed in the scooter allow it to send all the information about rider behavior and riding pattern like braking, acceleration, mileage, efficiency to the cloud.Ather energy can also carry out upgrades on the scooter over the air due to 24X7 internet connectivity, without the need to bring the scooter to the manufacturer.

The vehicles produced by ATHER ENERGY are covered under FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid &)Electric Vehicles) scheme that offers incentives to the electric and hybrid vehicles ranging from Rs.1,800 to Rs.29,000 for scooters and motorcycles and Rs.1.38 Lac for cars. FAME is a part of National Electric Mobility Mission Plan by Government of India. As per the scheme, the customer can get the incentive in form of lower cost of the hybrid or electric vehicles at the time of purchase and the manufacturer can claim the incentive from the government at the end of each month.



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Holla = ? What is this word?

You say that the top speed is 72 kph, which if I have converted correctly is all of slightly over 40 mph. Wow!! In the US, you would have traffic piled up behind you, but perhaps this is more useful in India.

With all that built-in monitoring, it will definitely mean that "big brother is watching you." Driving this will mean a definite loss of privacy, but then, perhaps Indians may not worry about this loss.

All in all, I think I will stick with the Toyota SUV that I purchased recently.




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Yes, Sir, Maybe the concept is in its nascent form and implementation goes according to the market and demographic location of the company since its new, I will further keep in mind to share some startup stories from other parts of the globe including India. The idea can have as many flaws as possible but the flaws can be improved wit time and further improvement under consideration.

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