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Sickle Innovations

Shalini Chakraborty


Agriculture is the backbone of the strong economy. Agriculture is demographically the broadest sector and plays an important role in the overall economic development in India since India ranks second worldwide in farm outputs. So, this is another Mechanical Startup Story from the Agriculture based start-up Sickle Innovations.

Sickle Innovations started in 2014 by the encouragement of Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing and Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. Since in Indian demographic scenario, not the availability of farm labors, low profits and labor drudgery problems are encountered frequently, the aim of the startup involves developing innovative mechanization solutions through Design Thinking.

The startup's website goes as follows http://www.sickle.in/ The mango stem and transport it safely to the ground with the product name Hectare. The Cotton Picking Machine; being the second largest producer of cotton, challenges such as manual labor, intensive labor health problems have to be tackled by cotton producers. This handheld machine was developed by the company with patented technology that can double labor efficiency and enhances farmer income by 50%. The design eliminates injuries from cotton bur pricks and is self-powered fully automatic harvesting machine.

Being the world's largest producer of milk and bovine population 3 times larger than USA, milk production per cow/buffalo is lower.Imported machines cannot suffice the need of country environments and cow breeds.Hence, the design of the company's machine keeps full potential with the local scenario. 

Hence, startups are equally important when it comes to tackling small or huge problems in day to day scenario with innovative simple solutions. Keep Going Ahead and Keep Bringing Innovative Ideas!!!


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This is an interesting post, on a very interesting subject. I live in Iowa, one of the most agriculturally oriented states in the USA, and home off John Deere Co., a well known manufacturer of farm and construction machinery. Just yesterday, I was driving through the adjoining state of Wisconsin and remarking on the vast fields of corn and soy beans. The appropriate technology must fit the local situation, both the terrain and the human capabilities. It is good to see India tackling this problem in this fashion.

As an aside, the statement, "The mango stem and transport it safely to the ground with the product name Hectare" simply does not make sense. What mango stem?

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Sir, the machine is a Fruit Picker Machine named Hectare. When mangoes are picked up, the stem breaks so they have developed a machine which can pick it up, transport it to the ground and without causing the wound to the plant.

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