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#44 Mouse Trap / Pendulum Dynamics Challenge



   Mechanics Corner
    A Journal of Applied Mechanics and Mathematics by DrD, # 44
      Machinery Dynamics Research, 2017

Mouse Trap / Pendulum Dynamics Challenge - Part I


    Mice are a problem all over the world, and as a result, I'm sure that there are mouse traps of various sorts found everywhere. It would be utterly amazing if this were not true! In the USA, there is a very common type of mouse trap that I have seen used all my life, the sort of system shown below in Figure 1. I want to spend a few minutes discussing this mouse trap, to be certain that all readers understand how it works, before moving on to the main part of the post.




Recommended Comments

Really, Henry!! Brain cells boiling ... over a simply little mouse trap? You must have a very low boiling point!

No, this is not the same mechanism as a trebuchet, although that too is an interesting problem.

Cool down a bit and give this a try. It really is not so impossible.


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