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Shalini Chakraborty


Voxel8 was founded in 2014 by scientists and engineers from Harvard University. This company was supported by Braemar Energy Ventures and ARCH Venture Partners. This company aims at developing digital footwear manufacturing systems which revolutionalize how footwear products are designed, manufactured and sold to the customers. In July, the company raised funding of $12 million to which Autodesk also contributed.It has also been named as one of the MIT Technology Reviews of 50 smartest companies in 2015.

Voxel8's engineering grade polyurethanes are printed using ActiveMix system which enables programmable control of composition, geometry, mechanical properties of printed features on upper and 3D shapes. Voxel8 printer can pause automatically during a print to allow for electronic components to be placed inside specially printed cavities. Then the same machine can print the conductive traces connecting those components before completing the project. The ability to smoothening the printing process is done through innovative silver ink. Also, AutoDesk developed a new piece of software Project Wire from the ground to top in order to print 3D electronic devices.

The digital manufacturing system of Voxel8 has short design and production cycle; utilizes zero tooling; is compact, flexible, scalable enabling localized production and distribution to minimize warehousing and shipping cost.


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