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Vertical Slurry Pump

Tobee Pump


Tobee® TP(R) Vertical slurry pump is a cantilever sump pump,Which work submerged to transport high abrasive and high density slurries with large particles.It doesn't need any seal water. Hard metal lined or fully rubber lined fitted.High capacity double suction semi-open impeller design.and suction agitator is also available.

Design features:

1.Vertical,Submerged,Cantilevered shaft sump slurry pump

2.Bearing Assembly - The bearings, shaft and housing are generously proportioned to avoid problems associated with the operation of cantilevered shafts in the first critical speed zones.

3..Column Assembly - Completely fabricated from antiwear carbon steel. The TPR model is rubber covered.

4.Shaft - Different length of the pump drive shaft or suction extension pipe could be selected

5.Casing - TP(R) has a simple bolt-on attachment to the base of the column. It is manufactured from a wear resistant alloy for the TP pump series and from moulded Rubber for the TPR pump series.

6.Impeller - Double suction semi-open impeller design, Wear resistant alloys, polyurethane and moulded elastomer impellers are interchangeable.

7.Upper Strainer - Drop-in metal mesh; snap-on elastomer or polyurethane for TP and TPR pumps. Strainers fit in column openings.

8.Lower Strainer - Bolted metal or polyurethane for TP pumps; moulded snap-on elastomer for TPR pumps.

9.Discharge Pipe - Metal for TP pumps; Rubber covered for TPR pumps. All wetted metal parts are completely rust protected

10..Agitator option keeps solids in suspension,Alternatively, a mechanical agitator is fitted to an extended shaft protruding from the impeller eye.

11.Don’t need any seal and seal water.

Add:Hi-tech Development Zone | Shijiazhuang City | Hebei Province | China.
Email:Sales@tobeepump.com | Skype:Tobee.pump | Mob:+86-18032034573 | Web:www.tobeepump.com


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