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let all of us be active on Mechanical engineering forum



Smart hello to every one...

As off late I got busy in some personal projects, this year we are back and look forward to make the community live, quick, vibrant and responsive.

I recommend few points to give it a great push...

  • Make sure to login every day on the website mechanical-engg.com
  • Time to showcase your skills, start your blog, give response to others, appreciate the starters.
  • Do not put ads or promote others links, website.... we are making it a clean community..once banned you will miss the long term opportunities.
  • Ask researchers, professors, to write their learning and teachings 
  • We will be starting  quizzes very soon...we will even invite professors who are willing to make some interesting/challenging quiz for us 
  • We look forward to start job section soon - will need help from community members to give us information of various openings in your company.. help us to reach your HR.
  • Help us to reach and connect each and every single mechanical engineering professional. I am listing down the following ways 
  • Facebook - Connect with me directly on this profile  https://www.facebook.com/mechanical.engineering.website and add all your friends in the following group https://www.facebook.com/groups/4mechanicalengineers/
  1. Whatsapp - we will be forming whatsaopp groups.. 
  2. https://mechanical-engg.com/whatsapp-group/  These groups will be just to send you the updates on phone .. do not join more then one group as same information will be shared on each group...


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