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Top 12 Basic Common Questions Asked in Mechanical Engineering Interview 2018

Engr Anik


For the placement in the mechanical engineering companies, it is very necessary to know about the important mechanical engineering interview questions and answers. During the interview, the interviewer can ask you the mechanical engineering technical questions to examine your knowledge about your subject and field. If you planning to seat in the placement, these frequently asked mechanical engineering questions and answers will help you in reply to the interviewer’s questions. These mechanical engineering interview questions and answers are meant for the purpose of a job interview and getting an idea of interview question.


Today we are going to discuss top 12 Basic Common Questions Asked in Mechanical Engineering Interview session.


Basically this video is helpful for fresh mechanical graduate engineer to help him how to answer common mechanical question that has been asked in interview. A mechanical fresh student gain knowledge about top 12 common mechanical questions.  It also helps for fresher mechanical student to take preparation for facing interview.

Here we listed some mechanical basic common questions and answer that has been asked in the video:

Question Number 1:  what is heat treatment and why is it done?

Answer: Heat treatment can be defined as a combination of processes or operations in which the heating and cooling of a metal or alloy is done in order to obtain desirable characteristics without changing the compositions. Some of the motives or purpose of heat treatment are as follows:

In order to improve the hardness of metals.

 For the softening of the metal.

 In order to improve the mach inability of the metal.

 To change the grain size.

To provide better resistance to heat, corrosion, wear etc.

Question Number 2:  Why do heavy vehicles use diesel engine?

Answer: The compression ratio of diesel engine is higher than the petrol engine, the reason for producing higher torque. The efficiency of diesel engine increases with load. Diesel produces slow energy on burning of fuel and the efficiency of the engine increases with load which is why diesel engine is suitable and largely used for heavy vehicles

Question Number 3: what are types of heat treatment?

Answer: Heat treatment is generally performed in the following ways:




Please watch this video till end to get the full questions with answer.

Here is the link:  



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