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Mechanical Interview Questions and Answers 2018 Topics: Boiler Exceptional Question

Engr Anik


For the job placement in the mechanical engineering private companies, it is very necessary to know about the very important mechanical engineering interview questions and answers. During the interview session, the employer can ask you the mechanical engineering basic questions to examine your knowledge about your subject and sector. If you planning to seat in the job placement, these frequently asked mechanical engineering questions and answers will help you in reply to the employer questions. These mechanical engineering interview questions and answers are meant for the purpose of a job interview and getting an idea of interview question for fresher.


Today we are going to discuss Mechanical Interview Questions and Answers-Topics:  Boiler

In this video we discuss the following question with answer:

Question Number 1. What is boiler?

Question Number 2: What are the boiler mountings?

Question Number 3. What are boiler accessories?

Question Number 4. What is circulation ratio of a boiler?

Question Number 5. What is turn down ratio of boiler?

Question Number 6. What is foaming of boiler?

Question Number 7. What is priming of boiler?

Question Number 8. What is critical point of steam?

Question Number 9. What is evaporation ratio of Boiler?

Question Number 10. What is acid due point in boiler?

Question Number 11. What is gross calorific value and net calorific value of coal?


You will all answer after see this video: https://youtu.be/ANifcZlS9Mg



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