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In a refrigerating system we produce cooling where as in every air-conditioning system we will need the use of this refrigeration system to cool the air.it is,therefore,stated that air-conditioning system is only a sub-system of refrigeration system.

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AC : the system which " conditions " the "air". Conditioning means , maintaining the temperature, humidity, odour, bacterial presence, as per the requirement, and requirement changes as per place i.e., textile industry, home use etc.,

"AC" uses "refrigeration system" to maintain temperature and that system may or may not be equipped with autosensor , but now a days- autosensors are inbuilt in almost all the ACs and Refrigerators.

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This question has a lot to do with suction pressures produced after the tx valve. AC systems run at around 2-3bar were as fridge systems that I know of run at 0.5-1 bar pressure, this produces a greater differential pressure across the tx valve producing a great cooling effect.


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HVAC&R - heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration.

Ventilation - control of IAQ (Internal Air Quality), particulates, contaminants, door and chemicals etc

Air conditioning - control of environmental AIR temperature and humidity, usually for the purpose of comfort, or technical equipment such as data center. It may not involve any mechanical cooling, e.g air economiser, by definition is still air conditioning, not ventilation because the purpose of air economiser is air temperature and humidity, not IAQ.

Refrigeration - reduction of temperature in a confined space, usually for the purpose of food preservation or due to the requirement of certain processes. Most of the time should involve mechanical cooling due to the temperature requirement.

Mechanical cooling in most of air conditioning and refrigeration involved the same process of using heat pump vapour compression to move heat energy from low temperature to high temperature. The main difference is defined by its purpose and application.





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There are infiltration of air, air exhaust, human respiration in a enclosed volume.

Any idea how can I control the humidity in a enclose volume without affecting the cooling temperature in the following condition:

1) warm dry air in the external environment

2) warm moist air from the external environment

3) cool dry air from the external environment

Lets assume that the number of person in the enclose volume varies from 3 to 13.

Thank you!

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