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I'm not sure about this but it is this way.

Sudden force means when you try to apply force on some object, from minimum to maximum within very short time. Lets say, an elevator reaches ground floor and it being empty. As soon as door opens, crowd outside rushes in quickly. So if we have attached weight balance or something, as people starts entering there will be continuous rise in weight until people starts entering. Assuming people are very agile, we can say that within a very short time, force on elevator increased from being 0 to some max value. This is sudden force, from min to max within very short time.

Well , for case of impact, lets say.........you are walking on road and suddenly a 100kmph vehicle hits you. So at 0 sec you are having no force on you, but in next 0.01 sec, a tremendous force hits you. Thats what we call impact. another example, Sachin hitting bowl with bat.

So only difference is time taken. As compared to Impact force, Sudden force takes considerable time to increase.

I hope that provided sufficient info.

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sudden loading : when the force is applied so "suddenly" so that deformation and load is not distributed evenly inside the object, and localized stress and strain get generated, the loading is considered as sudden loading .

gradual loading : when load application is so slow that force , stress and strain is distributed evenly throughout the body , the loading is considered as gradual loading.

impact loading : when deforming force is applied with some initial velocity, then deformation is highly localized - this kinda loading is impact loading.


UTM loading is gradual loading, and all the elastic constants are obtained during gradual loading......

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