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A Governor controls or regulates constant engine speed under all loaded or unloaded conditions a flywheel Stores energy to keep an engine turning over.

A common use of both a governer and flywheel is in small portable electrical generating sets, when a generating set is started the flywheel of the engine is spun by a pull starter, the energy created spins the flywheel which causes the engine to turn over and start, when started the engine will turn the actual  generator over at a predetermined number of revolutions, as soon as an electrical load is created the load will try to slow the engine down ,however the governor will compensate and bring the revs back up to the predetermined level and hold them there.



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the flywheel is an energy reservoir as it is known that power generated in the power stroke is not always constant all through other strokes While governor is regulates speed of an engine by determining the required volume of working fluid per stroke

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Governor is a device which controls the speed of a machine by controlling the fuel or input whereas the flywheel is a device that controls the fluctuations of speed as it supplies the stored energy whenever the production is more than the demand and vice versa.

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