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A clutch is a device used to transmit the rotary motion of one shaft to another when desired. In automobiles clutch is used either to engage or disengage the engine. It is based on principle that " Two concentric surfaces can be pressed firmly against one another when engaged and clutch tends to rotate as a single unit.

A flywheel is used to control the variations in speed during each cycle of engine. It is based on principle of moment of inertia.

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the function of clutch is to transmit power from crankshaft to the input shaft of gearbox

flywheel is used in internal combustion engines to store energy in passive strokes, heavier flywheel less work fom engine to keep rotating at constant speed

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Clutch is a mechanical device. It transmits power from one element to another. Refer the diagram given in annexure.

In automobile, the engine is the prime mover. A flywheel is connected to engine. The clutch is connected to transmission. When the driver is pressing clutch pedal, clutch plate is pressing the flywheel. Fly wheel motion is transmitted to the transmission system. When driver presses the clutch pedal, the clutch is disengaged from the fly wheel, so even is engine gives rotation to fly wheel, it is not transmitted to transmission system. That is why, driver presses clutch pedal and changes gear.

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A clutch is a device used to transmit the rotary motion of one shaft to another when desired. In automobiles clutch is used either to engage or disengage the engine. It is based on principle that " Two concentric surfaces can be pressed firmly against one another when engaged and clutch tends to rotate as a single unit.

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A Clutch is a mechanical device that is use for transferring power from one part of an engine to another. A typical example is an automobile . The recriprocating action of the piston inside the engine produces power.The power generated/provided by the engine is transmitted via a clutch to the wheels through gears to the transmitting shaft. The gears are of various diameters and hence they could control the speed of rotation. The clutch works by engaging and disengaging the gear from the transmitting shaft. Gears of large diameter operate at low speed and could transmit more torque compared to that with small diameter which transmit at high speed and lower torque. In this way the automobile could operate both at low sped and at high speed. The connecting shaft are connected to the wheels via constant velocity joints.

While a flywheel is a mechanical device that is attached to an engine to store mechanical energy and it releases it when needed. Hence it evens out the operation of the internal combustion engine by providing power when needed.

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In IC engines ,power is produced only during the power stroke. The crank has to be rotated during the other three strokes also. So flywheel stores energy in the power stroke and supplies this energy for the rotation of crank(and thereby movement of piston)  during other strokes.
Talking about clutch, clutch connects the engine shaft with the wheel shaft. During start the engine shaft will be at a good speed. The wheel shaft cannot be directly coupled to engine shaft at this speed as the drive may not be smooth. So the clutch will help to engage the wheel shaft with the engine shaft gradually. Similarly during the stopping of engine too

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To all my fellow mechanical / automobile friends... All your answers are correct ... but not the exact ones... in other words.... its just in a layman language for college freshers... Now, comes the Automobile engineer's explanation..

Flywheel : someone mentioned it correctly.. its to cater for the passive stroke by storing part of the energy obtained in the power stroke, absolutely right.. just i would like to add one more point... Flywheel also serves as a Shock reducer by virtue of its weight... else, for every power stroke, the engine's crankshaft will have a huge beating which will eventually burst into pieces... 

Clutch : yeah... all of u mentioned its for transmitting power from engine to gearbox... engage and disengage for change shifting gears.. all right... but the main purpose is not this... unfortunately, none of the college professors teach us the next point which i m going to share.. coz' most of the professors dont have an industrial background in the auto field.. all are book worms graduated from the college and working as professors... 

The main purpose of the clutch is to "Build up the Engine torque and transmit to Gearbox IP shaft", clutch disc is not a single component, its a combination of 3 major components.. (the friction surface or the friction lining , the clutch drive hub with the splines , and most importantly the TORSION Springs for building up the torque).. I am not explaining anything about the pressure plate and the clutch cover assy.... it is understood that they are available..

If you guys are not able to visualize this concept, just think of a water tanker lorry with an single cylinder Kirloskar engine at its back... if u had observed, the engine flywheel and the centrifugal pump in the water tanker will be connected with a 3 piece ballata packing.. this ballata packing serves the job of a clutch, where the engine torque is build up to overcome the centrifugal pump's initial friction resistance..

Torsion springs in clutch help overcome the initial resistance of the vehicle to move...without torsion springs, clutch will not work at all, the disc will shatter to pieces in minutes or there will be other consequential failures...

Pressure Plate : Pressure plate is just a part of the clutch cover assembly, pressure plate ensures the clutch disc is held on tight with the flywheel, so that there is no clutch slipping... in other words, pressure plate ensures there is no relative movement between the flywheel and the clutch when the clutch is in engaged position..

Hope these explanations are detailed and understandable... if u wish to know more about automobiles, ping me in my mail box.. ghajini0511@gmail.com...

By the way, I am an Automobile Service Professional with more than 13 years experience, still counting on.. have worked with India's number 2 CV manufacturer and Worlds number 1 CV manufacturer...

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