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Difference between pump and compressor




What is the difference between pump and compressor ?

When we use pump and When we use compressor?



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so if we talk in the  context of energy there is no difference in them. both of them transfers kinetic energy of blades into fluid either compressible or incompressible.

the only different is that in the way the energy is the stored. We might have noticed that in a household, pumps are used to raise water from the underground level 2 the level to the height of storage tank, there the energy of pump is stored in the form of potential energy which letter is used for household purposes.

In compressors still v transfer kinetic energy of blades into fluid, spatially gases. There, the energy is stored in the form of Pressure which results into increment in the density of the fluid, this increment in density exists only upto the time pressure exists, we might have observed in case of refrigerator compressors, similar things happen.

 They are in fact, the same things but with difference of applications there Designs differ.

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Pump and compressor different between ROTAR BLEAD,

! multi stage pump in impeller different between 1st to last stage, 

multi stage compressor in impeller (rotar baled) one size 1st to last stage.

both are used in high presser.

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Basically we know that, compressor contain one or more piston which have reciprocating motion ,whereas pump having impeller as well as having centrifugal motion.

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A pump transfers a substance from A to B without basically altering its energy level.

A compressor augments the energy level of the substance without basically transferring it.

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Pump can't control the gases, only for liquids or slurry material

Compressor can not work for liquids, only control the gases

But both are controls the fluids to increase the pressure of the fluids

detailed information about pumps given in below link

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- Basically is use to transfer from “A” to “B” an “X” quantity of liquid (Flow = Qty. /Time; Ex. l/s).
- The compressors is use to compress air or other gases.
 This is the base difference. About type of construction, this is other subject.

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On 12/29/2012 at 6:21 PM, Om Prakash said:

Pumps can handle both liquids and gases.


But Compressor can handle only the gases due the incompressible nature of liquids.................

No pumps can handle only liquid and compressor can handle both liquid and gas.if it is possible in case of pump for gases then there was no use of priming in pump.


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The main difference between compresser & pump is the discharge pr. Compresser can generate up to discharge pr of 6-7 Bar while pump can generate the discharge pr of up to 200 Bar or more than that.

Second Compresser can handle compressible fluid, but pump can handle incompresible fluid.

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