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New year wishes for mechanical engineers !!!




Dear Mechanical Engineers and engineering students,

On this New Year, may you have enough enthusiasm to make your dreams big, enough determination to make each day better than the day before.

Happy New year to every 1 here on Mechanical Engineering Forum.. Glad to be connected, :)

let take some resolution

  • We will focus on our core engineering skills and values with a “mad” intensity.
  • We will lead with H.E.A.T – by being Humble, Exceptional, Authentic & Transparent.
  • Everyday, we will BET on ourselves – Be Exceptional Today!
  • let all of us contribute for better and sustainable world.
  • Let not only ask questions or help but we will also give answers to others and help others.
  • Let all of us be good mechanical engineer.

Our wish for freshers

  • May this year all freshers get their dream jobs with good compensation.

Our Request

  • Let all of us come together and make this forum one of the best forum for mechanical engineering profession
  • Let sign in once every day and make it our second home
  • Let all of us work as a team and learn from sharing experience.


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I wish happy and successfully new year for all people of world specially mechanical engineers.

your lips be smiling , your packet be full of money , your body be well, your country be in peace and your heart be full of love

happy new year again

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