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Dear Mechanical Engineers,

Year 2012 has been good one and we look forward to keep giving our services for mechanical engineering profession. Of course we will need your support and your active participation.

Please accept our new year wishes in form of blog entry


Great News is - We have evolved as a knowledge pool and we are now connected with 20 thousand mechanical engineers across the globe and you are already with us; Cheers to be together on the board.

Forums has been performing at its best - Time has come when members are willing to share their knowledge and experience and are learning to participate. Do check our forums


We have started a new blog "Mechanical Engineering questions" where we are asking a questions on a regular basis and members are collectively trying to answer the question. A perfect approach to improvise the answers and learning as a team. Do have a look on same.


Video lectures has been seen and appreciated but comments are not coming to discuss the content / teachings from professors...


Quiz section has been the revelation and members are loving the same. This section was started just few months back and still in testing phase. If you are among those who have still to take a quiz Do not wait - give an attempt.


Download section- So far only 48 files uploaded but total downloads for them has crossed the 40,000 mark. We expect other members will soon upload so that others can download the same.

In 2013

we would like our members to start blogging in field of mechanical engineering. Writing blog is one of the best way to share your passion/ experience and learning. We would like every one to take initiative and create their own blog at mechanical engineering forum


Your profile speaks about you - It is the first impression, so lets keep our profile up to date.

Some how we are not able to attract professors/ lecturers - may be as I am no more associated with engineering colleges. I have a request with students, if you can speak for same with professors and encourage them to be part of Mechanical engineering forum.

Last year, I had a talk through emails with couple of professors - but no one turned up on the board. But this is true, for academic- industry interface professors will play an important role. may be this is one area where I am failed. We will reattempt for same....

Please accept our sincere thanks for reading the latest update.

Look forward to meet you on the board

Cheers for mechanical engineering profession.



Mechanical Engineering forum

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