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In the trade we denote:

Pipe is formed and welded together from flat stock and normally has a continuous seam that runs the length of the pipe. You can also get seamless pipe - this is where there is no weld profile in the inside of the pipe. Pipe is normally of a heavier wall thickness. Eg: Galvanized water pipe

Tube, on the other hand, is extruded through a die. Tube has no joint down the length. Tube normally has a thinner wall thickness. Eg: Copper tube used in plumbing, steel tube used in hydraulics.

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they differs in both application and how they are measured.

tubes are used for thermal applications like heat exchangers  while pipes are used for transporting purposes;moving fluids from one place to another.

tubes are measured by their outer diameter while pipes by their inner.

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A pipe is measured by Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) per Inch and Schedule number ( Thickness of pipe ) and tube is measures by Outside Diameter (OD) and BWG number ( Thickness of Tube) .

The common Pipes size as ANSI are produced from size 1/8" to 48".

Pipes are used for mass. fluid and gas transfer in different industrial. 

Tubes are manufactured from size 1/32" to 12".

Tubes are used for heat transfer in Heat exchanges,boilers,vessels and also in fire burners ( size 2" and more) and as instruments tubes and  also accessories tools in Turbines and Compressors.

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Different between tube and pipe : Tube:- 1. Tubes are more expensive than pipe due to tighter manufacturing tolerances. 2. Tubes can round, square and rectangular. 3. It is measured by outside diameter and wall thickness. 4. It is generally used for structural purpose, the OD is important and exact number. 5. Tubes are most stronger than pipes. Pipe: - 1. Pipes are always round in shape. 2. Pipe is measured by inside diameter. 3. Pipes are categorized as tubular vessels used in pipeline and piping system. 4. Pipe are typically available in large sizes then tubes...


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