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How is frequency regulation done by free governor mode of operation in Power plants?



What is the function of Governor and how it works? Now moving to application of governor in Power plants....

How is frequency regulation done by free governor mode of operation in Power plants?


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in a power plant the function of governor is to control the inlet flow as compared with output for ex. in steam turbine power plant if the load on turbine increasing the governor wall expands and due to this steam quantity as well as velocity of steam increases at turbine inlet and vice versa

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In steam turbine the governer is coupled with the turbine shaft , on which output is desired.
Whenever the load increases, it decreases the speed of the turbine, as the governer is coupled to it the speed of governer also decreases , this decreases the centrifugal force on the masses and they started moving inwards, which causes deflection in the governer collar.
the governer collar coupled with the steam jet increases the flow of steam which increases the power produced by steam and increases the speed of turbine (or you can say maintain the speed of turbine)

in case of no load the governer works vice versa.

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the governer has 3 functions : Uniform speed control, pressure regulation, maxi and mini speed control.

As the engine rotates, the centrifugal force forces the flyweights to rotate and move up or down and then moving the collar up and down so controling the fuel rack

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