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Let us know your Area of Interests




Area of Interest - The most important ingredient to success and it is the subject / field / topic / area of work of which we are passionate to learn more about. We feel like talking and discussing more about our interest . Here we are referring to Mechanical Engineering domain..

When we are student we find interest in some subjects like fluid mechanics or machine design and as we grow as an engineer we may have an interest in a particular industry like steel industry , cement industry or power plants...Some get into passion of learning software / ....

Quality control . energy audits , production planning are few other area of interest ..

The idea of this post is to understand our area of interest which will certainly help us to know you better - The area of interest may change based on time / learning/ gaining experience - Doesn't matter what has been the past or what will be the future - We welcome your thoughts / your area of interest in form of comments. It will be good if you can also add the same in your profile.


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i also have..same question....i had just given 2nd yr xams..i had learnt CATIA and PRO E software in 2nd yr..i have intrst in thermo..thought to do training in power plant...now i m working on SAE BAJA to make an all terrain vehicle..now i m interested in automobile industry..i m going to chennai to attend the internship program organised by expertshub .can u plz tell me the automobile industries in chennai where i can go for industrial visit..

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