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a bearing is to reduce friction ,generally on a rotating shaft. it is made up of a material which helps in holding oil on the surface to reduce friction. it has balls or rods in between two metals to make a sliding contact to rolling surface.

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Bearing is used to hold the rotating part is a particular position, baring allows rotation around a single axis as well as prevents the rotating part from moving to and fro or up and down(vibrations).

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All bearings provide a decreased, rolling surface area to minimize friction. This also helps prevent torsional strain and thermal fatigue that would occur with higher frictional coefficients. 
Bearings also allow for better heat dissipation due to decreased thermal load due to minimized contact area. 


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bearing in general acts to reduce friction but in addition bearings are circular in shape containing spherical bolls,by this essence bolls and circle always direct forces to a common center,other bearings contains pre-loaded grese (high speed bearing eg in motor bikes) and others they are loaded as service takes place ,this being done to improve efficience and functionality of abearing

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