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Can you join us in Mechanical Engineering Community forum?




Dear Mechanical engineering professionals,

Thanks for showing your trust and interest in Mechanical Engineering Forum. Mechanical Engineering forum is a knowledge community for mechanical engineering profession and has started to connect world wide mechanical engineers.

About Mechanical Engineering Community Forum

  • The mechanical engineering community forum is the dream of ours to contribute for mechanical engineers and engineering and provide the free platform for young and experience engineers to show their passion in the field of engineering.
  • Started in final year of engineering in 2006 by Saurabh Jain, the forum has strength of 24K registered members with 61K likes on facebook page and 18 k members in linkedin group. (As on May 30, 2013). The time has come that we all come togther and take it forward for our Mechanical Engineering profession.

We Look forward

  • To provide the Knowledge hub in form of this portal, for all mechanical engineers across the globe.
  • To create the bridge between the working engineers and academicians for the development of engineering course and the industry ready new engineers.
  • To provide the platform say in form of blogging so that they can publish their engineering thoughts and papers and can get feedback with almost null cost.
  • To flourish the tacit knowledge gained by learning and experience in industry.
  • The working engineers can keep themselves upgraded with the latest happenings and keep their engineering basics sound and healthy by participation.
  • Young engineers can talk with the senior engineers to get some solutions for the problem they facing up.

Join us in Mechanical Engineering Community Forum

We request to join us and ask all your known colleagues, friends, seniors , professors , practice experts to join the same.

We not only have to join but participate and take the lead in the initiative.

Are you ready ?

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I have been a mechanical engineer for 12years after I left from university. I was majored in thermal engineering. But it is hard to get a job so finally I became a mechanical engineer. During the work I had to learn by myself and learned a lot from kinds of mechanical froums. Now I have become a sophisticated mechanical engineer on the cusumer stuffs.

So it is sure that learning knowledge from the forum is a good way have you grow up quickly.

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