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Extremely challenging Job market for engineers - Looking for and creating opportunities will be the key - Are we ready to take it forward?




From one of the article published in Economic Times,

A million engineers in India struggling to get placed in an extremely challenging market

Due to unavailability of Jobs in India –

  • Students graduating out of India's engineering colleges run the risk of being unemployed.
  • Others will take jobs well below their technical qualifications in a market where there are few jobs for India's overflowing technical talent pool.

Engineers Graduating V/S New Engineering Jobs (Demand Supply Gap)

  • According to data from AICTE, the regulator for technical education in India, there were 1,511 engineering colleges across India, graduating over 550,000 students back in 2006-07. Fuelled by fast growth, especially in the $110 billion outsourcing market, a raft of new colleges sprung up -- since then, the number of colleges and graduates have doubled.
  • A global economic slowdown may have only worsened what is already a bad problem. Even without this slowdown, there are a large number of students who won't get a jobs as estimates says that at best, there are 150,000-200,000 jobs generated annually in the Indian economy and far too many engineers attacking this labour pool.
  • According to multiple estimates, India trains around 1.5 million engineers, which is more than the US and China combined. However, two key industries hiring these engineers -- information technology and manufacturing -- are actually hiring fewer people than before
  • What's more, India's technical talent pool is also warped, with almost the same number of engineers as technical graduates from institutes such as ITI. "In developed markets, there is usually one engineer for every ten. This skew is only compounding the woes of engineers in India

Frustrated engineers are taking jobs for which they are overqualified and, therefore, underpaid.

The world of work is evolving... employers increasingly don't care what you know, they focus on what you can do with that knowledge

What Next - What is your strategy and action plan ?

After reading above facts

  1. Can we just rely on IT industries to get hired?
  2. Can manufacturing industries ever become capable to absorb the talent pool of engineers?
  3. Should we just wait and get frustrated and wait for our luck to work for us?

It is high time –

  • To look beyond the job hunting practice.
  • Not only to study engineering but also to explore what you can do with engineering knowledge.
  • To think how new opportunities can be created for engineers.
  • To think how engineers can overcome the above challenge and how can you contribute in same.
  • To collaborate with other engineers and engineering students to develop competency and capability to face the demand supply challenge
  • To think and act as an entrepreneur or to support others who are willing to lead as entrepreneurs.
  • To engage stakeholders to enhance capacity & capability which in turn can lead to convert innovative ideas into real manufacturing units.

We would request engineers to give a pause from daily routines and to give a sincere though on the challenge, Indian engineers are facing. We need to come together and to think for new solutions, innovation. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

You can make a difference and we are here to make it happen !!!


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Recommended Comments

1. Stop granting permission to New colleges in all States in our country. Reduce the number of seats in all colleges in disciplines in
which demand is less.
2. Review the number of seats in all Engineering disciplines to see whether situation can be improved.
3. Students should be encouraged to pursue courses other than Enginneering
4. Engineers should take up jobs in other fields such as Science, Commerce, Art, Crafts or start independent ventures in Service and
Agriculture sectors.

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@Pranesh - If we reduce colleges, we will stop the development, India is still in stage of developing ...It is one step ... but we need to create jobs , we need to get new start ups.... which even our country needs. There are so many electronic products which are imported from China.. So it is not the case we have over manufacturing capacity.... we are still short of capacity.... And to increase capacity we certainly need engineers.

It is more important to give direction to engineers , policy and regulations will certainly play an important role .

However as an individual engineers, we need to come together and do collective efforts..

Senior engineers, entrepreneurs have to change the mindset and take juniors freshers with them to build new ways to look forward...

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Even though you've taken up a job for which you are overqualified, if you keep yourself equipped with skills related to your job and show it in action, you definitely grab the HR manager's attention.

I know a man who was a mechanic. He just did diploma in automobile engineering and started as an operator in Ford. But day by day his knowledge and working skills made him Chief engineer in the assembly section for which his is too much underqualified.

We need not worry about the competition if we are on the right track with the right weapon-skill!d

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we cant ask anyone to stop education. it is their right. But if India can be self sufficient in every industrial sector, every one will be placed. Now, how much of our support is with Indian products?....Because the support we give only will be returned

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