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Fuel saving is generally not present in LPG...it tends to compare with petrol ("gasoline").

What is present is a dramatic reduction in the Carbon emissions as it is a shorter chain hydrocarbon which also burns purer....resulting in (theoretically) only carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and water as products.

Generally speaking fuel consumption is roughly comparable.....but one must bear in mind that LPG is a SHORT CHAIN hydrocarbon, therefor - assuming that it is produced by cracking from crude oil (and I do not know if it is) - far more can be obtained than the heavier derivatives...making it far cheaper than the alternatives.

In reality however, the benefits are purely a lack of sulphurous compounds as nitrogen compounds are formed by subjecting air at high pressure to high temperatures and are therefore present in LPG vehicles

too....however there are no sooty compounds (ie particulates) and the engines do seem to last much longer and the oil remains far cleaner for much longer.

(I drive LPG)

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