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Which two elements in feed water can cause corrosion of tubes and plates in boiler




Which two elements in feed water can cause corrosion of tubes and plates in boiler?


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dissolved oxygen

Dissolved oxygen present in the boiler reacts with steel surface forming oxygen pits leading to corrosion..

It also flashes into steam and corrodes the whole piping system including condensate return line

Hard water 

 Presence of calcium and magnesium in higher concentration in water makes it harder called hardwater.. Reason being CA and MG are positively charged ions, if it present more, it will make it very difficult for the other salts to dissolve.. That's one reason soap in hard water wouldn't dissolve soon..

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Calcium & Magnesium Components in water (Hardness of Water) leads to the Corrosion it's a Chemical Process that's occurs when the Water Reaches near it's Boiling Point these Components defuse from water & cause Corrosion in The Tubes.

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