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Challenges faced by Mechanical Engineering students




Dear Mechanical engineering students & Mechanical Engineers,

Challenges is something which we all face at times. Every 1 has a different type of skills, resource and attitude. For some it can be a challenge to get an internship, for others it can be getting the right mentor

Selecting a right project topic can be another challenge


We take this post as an opportunity to hear from all of you on the various challenges face by mechanical engineering students while pursuing their courses.

Do share your story with us..

This in turn will certainly help to identify hidden challenges and innovative solutions to overcome the same It will also prepare upcoming students in advance and they will be ready for same

Look forward to hear from all of you.



For career guidance - Feel free to connect with us with us with your questions in Career Enhancement Forum for Mechanical Engineers


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I am Amit Kumar Choudhary, final year mechanical engineering student.In my opinion exposure R&D activities is the foremost challenging task for mechanical engineering students.

Next is the platform to showcase our skills and project works. We strive hard and give our best for the project work but in the end it just fetches us few marks. It would have been better if we had some organisation which exposes our project work to Industries.

Thanks to this forum for allowing me to express my feelings.

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