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for I.C engines the calorific value of fuel used is higher ,and its a closed chamber ,in order to increase the mixing ratio of fuel and air , and to reduce the wear of engine due to heat.to reduce thermal expansion of piston.

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There are two reasons why cooling is required in I.C. Engines.

Heat is produced due to burning of fuel inside the engine.

Due to heat, thermal stress develops in the engine components. This results in unwanted change in shape (Expantion and contraction). For proper funtioning the moving components should be in there desired shape and size.

Other important reason of cooling is for proper lubrication. Yes, due to excess heat the engine oil looses its vicosity and the moving components will not get proper lubrication.

Every fulid have a boiling point. At a particular temprature it starts to convert into vapours.

Without cooling piston, Bigend, Smallend, crank bearings,Cam, Valves and other mating parts will sieze.

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I would think that a unspoken truth about why engine cooling is so important is due to the fact that different areas of an engine will warm up at different rates of speed and with cooling passages it allowes the hot spots to warm up the cooler areas. Obviously cooling will cool down the hot spots but just as important is the evening out of the heat throughout the engine.

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