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To allow slip and creep chain drive is used over belt or rope drive. To get accurate rotational timing a chain drive is best replacement for belt drive.

Pro's of chain drive over belt drive

1) It can be used for accurate rotational timing thus used in I.C. Engines as timing chain.

2) There is no loss of energy in the form of heat because no slip and creep occurs.

3) Better service than belt drive.

Con's of chain drive over belt or rope drive

1) Initial cost is more than belt drive system

2) Require proper lubrication for smooth functioning.

3) Not silent as belt drive in absence of lubrication.

4) Catches rust easily.

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"To allow slip and creep chain drive is used over belt or rope drive." That makes no sense. A chain drive is used to prevent slip and creep.

Chain drives require almost no pretension, unlike belt drive and rope drives. However, the chain will require guides to prevent it from coming off of the sprocket. Too little tension will also see the chain flung out under centripetal force at higher RPM.

Toothed belts also offer synchronicity like chains, but without the need for lubrication. They also weigh much less. However, they do not take shock loads too well, and they need periodic replacement, while a well-designed chain system can last decades.

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