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Tyres are mixture of various rubbers with carbon black added. Carbon black improves traction and wear resistance of pure rubber.


Another reason is that black color has higher absorption capability by which the tyre of any vehicle becomes adhesive to road

Even if I agree with your points, I don't think that they are decisively. I don't have an example either can't prove it, but I guess it's possible to achieve the same properties with changing the color. 

Maybe a simple answer is better to answer why this variable is always chosen: roads are dirty and the tire surface is submit to high attrition that makes easier to dirty. Black is the best color to not contrast the usual particles and try to make it appears that, even with some particles covering the surface, it is the same color when totally clean (but colors are not good to avoid this particles to reduce the brightness of the tire).

Sure it is very convenient that black rubber has the better properties for this application.

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Natural rubber is white in colour and first tyre was white in colour.

Carbon is having wear resistance capability. By increasing % of carbon , the material becomes more stronger. So the carbon is added in the synthetic rubber at high amount.

Due to carbon it's colour becomes black and it is also easy heat dissipation in black colour so tyre are made in black colour.

Black colour not looks dirty also.

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In running vehicle the temperature of the air inside the Tyre increase due to velocity, Black colour is good absorber of heat which so it maintains the temperature difference between the atmospheric air and air inside the Tyre..

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There are three main reasons as to why tyres are black in color :

1)During the Vulcanization process carbon black along with sulphur is mixed into the rubber, this strengthens the molecular bond of the rubber and makes it more sturdy and durable, the reason of adding carbon black is because carbon black is available cheaper then any other material.

2.)Black color is good absorber of heat and can absorb the sunrays better, when a vehicle is out in open under the sun, the wear and tear will be very minimal as compared to any other color.

3.) During the run of the vehicle, the tyres tends to get hot and the specialty of the black color is that it does absorb heat fast and can return it back to the roads as well, so the temperature though hot but still remains balanced.

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If you look at the question - there is only one answer. The same question can be asked of black printer inks, women’s mascara, roadways and in most cases concrete. 

It’s the carbon black that’s added to the manufacturing process. No other reason. 

If the original question posed was “Why are tires made with carbon black?” then you have a vast array of available answers. 

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