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it help to lessen the counter forces produce by vibration, to aligned all forces toward center and perpendicular to flat surface thus give optimum fastening strenght e.g. bolt and nuts with washer.

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Increase the contact surface area of the nut with body where it is being tightened.

Also, in case of bolts have smaller dia, washers are used for bigger holes

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there are a few types of washer but standard washers are generally used to distribute force and to help stop the fasteners working loose. Having said that if your fasteners are too long washers make ideal spacers. Washers also make fastened items look more appealing. 

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We use flat washer to reduce stress exerted by the nut,  why we use spring washer where there is vibration  to avoid work loose of the nut during operation

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Have any of you ever worked on an actual IC engine? This is absurd!!

Such an engine would produce power only once in 3 crank revolutions. It would require a huge flywheel simply to keep it moving during the remainder of the time.

If this was a viable idea, why do you think it is not already in production? Someone would have already done it, except that it does not work well at all.




To protect the bolt hole, spread the load & forces evenly,  as a spacer, protect the nut from crevice & galvanic corrosion.

Sir what is crevice and galvanic corrosion


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