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Which one will cool faster??



Which one will cool faster??


You have a cold drink bottle at room temperature. In order to cool it, you place it in the refrigerator. But you want it get chilled faster. Now you have two options, place it vertical or horizontal. Assuming the effects of forced convection are negligible in your refrigerator, which way will the bottle cool fast either Horizontal or Vertical?


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No such difference between cooling vertically or horizontally the bottle since cooling is extracting heat from a substance, the beer itself, extracting heat wether horizontally or vertically will have the same formula Q=mC (T-t), ....... as to dynamics of heat transfer, position of affected heat transfer area will not affect the transmission of heat....theoritically position of any substance will have no effect on  heat analysis.

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First thought was horizontal. Nope it's vertical, why?  The fluid has more contact area to bottle, equaling more heat transfer.  If their was no air pocket then it would matter.

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Liquid in horizontal bottle will freeze faster. The freezing rates depends on natural convection currents and these are more developed in bottle in horizontal position due to increased effective max and low gravity. Second reason is that surface area to Volume ratio of this particular bottle is high at the tapered end  which will be filled (partly ) only when  kept horizontally.

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In most of the freezer cooling coil is provided at bottom surface, if you put bottle in horizontal position has higher contact surface with cooling coil compare to vertical position.

Heat transfer by conduction is at faster rate than convection. hence horizontal bottle will cool faster

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