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Sometimes the compression volume is in the top of the piston rather than between the cylinder head, Also on some engines with flat topped or very slightly domed piston (2 strokes) go right up to the end of the cylinder bore, the combustion volume or chamber is actually in the cylinder head. When I used to race motorcycles the piston top rim stopped level with the top edge of the cylinder and the piston crown was raised to increase the compression ratio, this resutled in having to machine deeper valve pockets in the piston crown.

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Generally cc of a bike or car depends on the manufacturer....that how much power it incorporate to the engine. it also determines the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.unlike Suppose take example of a 200 cc bike..  let us take ktm rc 200...NO other bikes can't match the grunt of this bike... yes the fact is also that torque is also increased by increasing the cc of the vehicle..but it fully depends on the manufacturer . The answer i have given is on the general sense...

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Cc- cubic centimeter,its the volume swept by the piston from BDC(bottom dead center) to TDC(top dead center) it can be calculated if we know stroke length(distance between TDC to BDC) and bore diameter. 

More the Cc less the mileage n more power delivered. (because it consume more fuel) 

Less the Cc more mileage n less power delivered.(it consumes less fuel) 

In car and some bikes have more than one cylinder for that number of cylinders should be multipled to get correct Cc


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