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What is the purpose of testing IC engine



State why do testing of internal combustion engine is done ?


If you don't know the answer and want to know 7 purposes - please do refer this presentation IC Engine testing

IC Engine testing.png


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With a growing demand for transportation IC engines have gained lot of importance in automobile industry. It is therefore necessary to produce efficient and economical engines. While developing an IC engine it is required to take in consideration all the parameters affecting the engines design and performance. There are enormous parameters so it becomes difficult to account them while designing an engine. So it becomes necessary to conduct tests on the engine and determine the measures to be taken to improve the engines performance

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For fuel consumption and BHP (Brake Horse Power) and IHP ( Indicated Horse Power) we have to test the IC engine. By using spectrose cope we can calculate the Firing order of the IC engine Indicated Horse Power is the Horse Power developed by the engine at the Engine with out any Loss generally it will be more. But Brake Horse power is the Horse power Developed at the end of the Trasmission (It is less Because the Horse power we get after losses from Engine and Valves and transmission losses are deduted from the IHP so the result we get lesser.

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Generally in my experience brake horsepower is measured directly from the end of the crankshaft as is torque (which is what manufacturers quote), the genuine final BHP is then measured on a rolling road dynomometer as is the torque, the true measure of engine power is actually derived from Brake Mean Effective Pressure (BMEP) which is actually the pressure exerted on a piston at the maximum compression and or ignition point which peaks then degrades as the piston travels down on the power stroke (spark ingnited on petrol and lpg or compression ingnition on a diesel). even the BMEP can be variable depending on the fuel to air mix and by altering the ignition timing or valve openings (4 stroke engines). different fuels such as nitromethane mixed with methanol will nearly double maximum power output as it produces about 53% excess oxygen when burned, however engine life is very short and engines suffer a lot of piston blow by.

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