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Flexible coupling are mostly used to protect the pipelines connected to any machines carrying fluids . It may be used for a pump or some engines carrying coolants through it. 

Another use of flexible coupling is to transmit power from an engine . If the coupling was rigid , it could transmit the vibration from the power producing engine. Mostly in four stroke marine propulsion engine flexible couplings are used to connect the flywheel and the intermediate shaft for rotating the propeller and prevents misalignment of the shaft. Mostly it is made of rubber. 

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it is using in application witch have limited varying  in transmitted torque such as pumps 

this couplings have a advantage:

1-  it is can be absorbed little vibration witch is generate due to small misalignment

2- it is contain  a (shims) witch be a weakest point for damage to protect shafts from suddenly torque    

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The simple answer is that flexible couplings are used where either there is an actual or potential risk of movement or misalignment or to cope with design and manufacturers allowable tolerances in pipework or drive trains and to damp vibrations, this covers just about every situation from earthquake shock absorbers in buildings and bridges (expansion joints) to drive couplings in vehicles and everywhere in between. They can be made of rubber, plastics, metal, silicon viscous material, 

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