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Where do we use leaf spring ? What is special about leaf spring?




Q Where do we use leaf spring ? List down the applications of leaf spring. What is special about leaf spring?




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Leaf spring design is really intricate and it will act as shock absorber in vehicles (Medium -Heavy)

Leaf spring load calculation can be done by applying UTM by fixing the leaf spring in the inverted direction and apply load on bolt area ( The fixing Bolt) we have to take the elongation and the how much or load it is carrying . for each vehicle the disgn will differ . If medum and thin deisng of leaf spring will give good cushioning effect. The camber and CRS of the leaf spring will decide its load carrying charcter ( camber is the distance measured vertically from the center line of The Eyes of the Leaf spring )

In vehicle Empty weight (No load condition) the CRS distance of the spring will be less than the loaded vehicle. suppose the CRS distance of the Front wheel and the rear wheel will differ after loading .The distance elongation will ease the vehicle to accomodate the Axels different location while the vehicle absorbs shock or sudden load.

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Coiled Spring Suspension will not spring will lost its elastic capability as subjected to continuous and heavy loading conditions.Leaf spring Over this anomaly in some LCV(Light Commercial Vehicle) and HCV(Heavy Commercial Vehicle), As they are built for the compilation of that particular demand in heavy loading conditions without any problems. Actually their Sprung Load Bearing capacity is higher than ordinary coiled spring suspension.Afterwards They have less maintenance cost

They are Frequently used in

Heavy Loading Machines as a support system 

They are used in commercial vehicles

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