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What is the purpose of tolerances when applied to geometric dimensioning ?





What is the purpose of tolerances when applied to geometric dimensioning ?


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What are advantages of hartnell over porter governor?






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When we manufacture any product, usually we manufacture it by casting or forging process. To get a proper surface finish of that product we need a proper machining. At the time of maching a certain amount of material usually removed from the surface of the core product. For this reason a tolerance is needed over the designed dimension to maintain the actual dimension. Beside this reason, tolerances also kept to maintain the needed dimension after thermal expansion or contraction at the time of solidification during casting process.

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generally tolerence are required for to control the quality of the product during mfg.

GD & T is coontroll the dimension of the product during manufacturing .it mean it give the perticuler range of geometric parameters like surface finish,flatness,strigtness,...etc...,

sometime tolerence are given for the purpose of the type of fit requirement between two meting parts,

sometime tolerence stack up analysis is also required when more than 2 parts are assembled to each other..

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