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DesignAce 2014




“Your passion is defined by what you breathe every moment, everyday.”

Designing in mechanical engineering is a field which needs a perfect blend of an analytical mind, out of the box thinking, skills and apt knowledge coupled with interest. And the opportunities in this field are abundant for ones looking for it.

Being a student, I found the opportunity to participate in such a competition organized by the Barry Wehmiller International in the competition DesignAce.

The initial step being qualifying for the pre-finals round and submitting your design based on guidelines given, completely designed on SolidWorks.

The pre finals round was held in a wide campus of Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune with around 15 teams shortlisted from Mumbai.

Given a time of 4 hours, and ONLY use of Solidworks, the following problem was given:


1. Design a mechanism to load a marble into a bottle one at a time.

2. The design should have a bucket to carry minimum 1000 marbles and should raise from a level of 3 ft to a level of 7 ft.

3. The motion from 3 ft to 6 ft is continuous.

4. From 6 ft to 7 ft, the bucket should index 1” and stop.

5. The indexing should happen until the bucket reaches a final height of 7 ft.

6. Upon reaching 7 ft, the bucket should be able to return to the base height of 3 ft.

7. The design should not use electric motors.

8. Weight of bucket is 30 kg.

The pictorial representation of the problem statement is as follows:


Though it was a great experience and really gave us a new way of thinking into designing problem, the city was welcoming and encouraging.

Do share and like the post if it was helpful .

I would like to receive suggestions on this design problem, if any.

For any clarification, questions and suggestions in the comment box.


Recommended Comments

Mam Please can you suggest How to design such systems, and which steps should be taken.

​You can design this system easily by using an electrohydraulic circuits or  programmable logic circuits.

For further references you can look at books by Kalsi or SR Majumdar.

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Hi Ma'am , first of all thank you for such a wonderful blog. I am first year student of mechanical engineering in NIT HAMIRPUR . Designing is my passion . I have started working on solidworks by seeing tutorials on net . Can you please guide me how to improve my designing skills and how can i master solidworks in my upcomming 4 years  ? Please maam guide in this field,

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