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in my view drafting is a 2d representation while design is a 3d representation . Usually in Piping Industry D3D technique is used which means direct 3d which is a design technique to directly design while drafting is 2d representation of your design and all

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Drafting is quick sketch or presentation with details but not to scale. All drafts are subjected to reviews/changes and need to be processed to form a design.

In other words, a design is the finished product of drafting of which all details and dimensions are drawn to scale.


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I want to and I belief design entails much of the first thoughts, it keeps the and tries to bring out the details of some new thought about some structure or components. So in design we tend to put down the details of a ?! Much of what can this be! 

Drafting on the other hand simplifies out the details that are in the design structures/components for their purpose of correction and more of used in manufacturing process tfor ease of interpretation. Much of this is simply what it is!

Too I want to belief that the two uses the principles of engineering since before you draft you have to design!! 

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Drafting is the tail end of design. When done correctly, it is the 2D or 3D method of communicating the design so that when manufacturing/quality control/purchasing look at the drawing/model, they say "yeah we got this".

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On 12/15/2014 at 9:04 PM, saurabhjain said:

Esmeraldo Nogoy Pineda Design is the application of Engineering principles while drafting is the representation of design as in a drawing as the basis for production, construction, or even in manufacturing processes

Good answer

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between desaign and drafting?

Drafting is spesific for drawing cipil, elecrical and mecahinical engineering in the form 2D or 3D image.

while desaign is a combination of mathematical analysis process, chemical physics, so that the results of the design can be in accordance with the expected performance, both strength, deflection and geometric, in order to facilitate the next process such as drafting and productions.


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