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Hydraulic intensifier, too, is a type of pump. It uses a hydraulic system to pressurise fluid whereas a 'direct drive pump' uses a plunger connected to a crankshaft.

There are several differences, mostly in the type of applications, in which, a hydraulic intensifier can run multiple machines as compared to a single pump.

Good question!

thank you

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Hydraulic intensifier is the hydraulic equivalent of an electronic amplifier. The variation of pressure & energy at the input is multiplied and delivered at the output.

The booster on some hydraulic brakes are examples, where a slight pressure on the brake pedal is amplified at the output to operate a powerful actuator to stop a huge truck.

An intensifier is different from a hydraulic jack, which is the hydraulic equivalent of an electrical transformer, where only the voltage is amplified. The energy is almost same at both input & output

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it is a reciprocating hydraulic pump system which intensify the fluid pressure means it multiply the fluid pressure, which depend on inside cross section area of both section of cylinder. 

it is used if you need high pressure in any application. waterjet machine is best example of it.

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