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this question wld have been better answered if we were comparing with something. Like what would you rather have them be made of ....

However ducts are just a vessels or channels of transfer, as pipes are to water, only that they are made of lighter materials, to reduce loading on the building structure, as since they carrying air at low pressure there is need to make them much robust. 

Mainly they made from aluminum, which is slightly costly hence the less material used makes it cheaper, also the use of non corrosive material makes the ducts last a life a time if no physical damage is afflicted on them

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Ducts are one method of conditioning an area. Others include a dedicated unit sans ducts like RTU's, also chilled / heated water supplied to remote air exchange units (think steam in NYC). You need to weight the cost of the system vs the goals of your design.

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with a duct systems you can distribute the cool air better than a mini split systems , you can use diffuser to get a better air distribution when the area is so big instead to use mini split systems , other way to get a better distribute air is using ceiling 4 way cassette , with a ceiling 4 way cassette you can save the duct building 

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On Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at 8:57 AM, umama said:

Because a properly designed duct, will deliver and remove air giving a good quality of air indoors and also thermal comfort. Thus they are necessary for ventilation purposes.

To save air 


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Because,duct works as an insulator in air conditioning system.Through this duct heat can't be transferred. So after condensation the refrigerant which turned into liquid doesn't affect by the outside high temperature and also doesn't turn into vapor.As a result we get the maximum output from this air conditioning system

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As per my experience . Ducts used to transfer air as required pressure and temperature. It have benefit like 70 % of air can be reuse by return duct and due to this power saving is good . 

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